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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning our hotels, your travel experiences, bookings, accessibility, customer services and more! Each topic is presented as questions and answers.

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 Children & Families

Are there special rates for children?

Up to 2 children under 9 can stay in your room free of charge, but different terms may apply at some hotels. Please note that you will be charged per night for sofa beds, extra beds, wallbeds, chaise longues and any other extra beds.

Which types of beds are available for children?

When you book your stay, you can choose a bed type for your child(ren). A crib is a baby cot that can be placed in your room. The choice of parents bed means that you share a bed with a child, i.e. co-sleeping. Own bed means that the child gets his or her own bed. Thus a booking for 1 adult and 1 child (own bed) means that they will share a double bed. Booking 2 adults and 1 child (own bed) means that an extra bed or another type of separate bed will be provided.

How much do need to pay for extra beds?

Extra beds cost 250 SEK/night at Comfort Hotel, Quality Hotel and Clarion Hotel, and 300 SEK/night at Clarion Collection Hotel. This may differ at some hotels. Prices for extra beds vary at our independent hotels. Please contact the hotel or our customer service department for specific pricing information. Extra beds include: shared sofa beds, bed chairs, chaise longues made up as beds, fold-out beds, wallbeds and so on.

Do you have connecting rooms?

Many of our hotels offer connecting rooms with a door linking two rooms from inside. Extra charges may apply to book connecting rooms at certain hotels. Please contact the hotel or our customer service department before you book for more information about these rooms. 

Are there age limits at the hotels?

Yes. Minors aged under 18 are not permitted to check in or stay in a room unless accompanied by an adult. Some hotels also have age limits for access to spas, gyms and so on. For more information, please check the specific terms that apply at each hotel.



 Bookings, Cancellations & Payment

I have not yet received my booking confirmation. What should I do? 

When you make a reservation over the phone or via email with the hotel or our Customer Service, you will receive an email or text message to confirm your booking. As a member of the Nordic Choice Club, you will be able to view all your upcoming stays in the app about 15 minutes after you make a booking. If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service department for assistance. 

Why is my booking not shown on My Page?

You are only able to view bookings made online when you are logged in to "My Page" on our website. Bookings made over the phone or via other booking sites will not be shown here. 

If you have downloaded the Nordic Choice Hotels app, you can view all your bookings made when you provided your Nordic Choice Club membership number at the time of booking. NB! This does not apply if you have made a reservation via another booking site or if the hotel is not registered in the app.

What are the cancellation terms?

Cancellations terms and conditions may vary depending on your booking. Please check the specific terms and conditions on your booking confirmation. The following are the standard price categories found on our website and in our app: 

  • Web Price Flex, Club Price, contract prices: can be cancelled until 4pm on the day of arrival unless otherwise stated. Nordic Club Choice members may be able to cancel even later, subject to their specific member benefits.  
  • Web Price Prepaid and other prepaid offers: can be cancelled within 24 hours after booking. Please call our Customer Service department.
I am attending a course/conference and I have received a booking code, but I am unable to book via the website. What should I do? 

If you have received a booking code from a hotel, you must contact the hotel itself to make a booking with the reception. You cannot use booking codes to make reservations on our website or via our app. 

Do logged in members of the Nordic Choice Club need to provide credit/debit card information to secure a booking for someone else?  

Yes, your membership is personal and is only valid for your own bookings. This means that you must provide credit/debit card information to secure a booking for someone else. Card information is only used as a guarantee and you will not be charged unless the guest does not show up or fails to cancel the room within the specified time. If you choose "Web Price Prepaid", the payment will be made using the card that you provided as a guarantee. 

Can I get an invoice?

Nordic Choice Hotels requires a minimum charge of 5000 SEK for invoicing. Charges may apply and there may be other terms and conditions for contract agreements. Please note that we are unable to send invoices to private persons.  

Can I pay with cash?

Most of our hotels became cash-free in early 2018. Information about all our hotels can be found on our website. Being cash-free provides a safer working environment for our staff as it reduces the risk of theft and burglary. For guests it means faster and more secure payments, and we have more time to spend on taking care of them! We accept all major debit and credit cards. Please contact us for more information.

Can I pay for someone else in advance?

You can pay for someone else's room in advance by choosing the “Web Price Prepaid” price category when you book on our website. If you would like to pay for an existing booking, please send an email request to the hotel and they will send you a form with details of how to prepay. Please note that this must be arranged well in advance. 

I would like to pay using my bonus points. What shall I do?

Find out more information about the Nordic Choice Club and bonus points here. 




Campaigns & Offers

I have received an email with a discount offer. How should I book?

Most of the offers we send out should be booked by clicking on the link provided. These are special offers sent out as part of newsletters from the Nordic Choice Clubs and/or personal offers. You can also view all our current offers here.



Company Agreements

Do you have company agreements for people who travel for work?

We offer a great range of benefits for people who travel for work in the Nordics and Baltic region. Find out more and apply for a company agreement with Nordic Choice Hotels here.

I have a company agreement. What should I do to get a discounted rate on the website?
  • Nordic Choice Club members: Log in to "My Page" here on the website. If you are not yet a member, you can sign up here too.
  • After you have logged in, click on "My Page". Select "Add agreement" and enter your corporate ID.
  • Click on the arrow to save. 
  • In order to be able to use your company agreement for corporate rates, please log out. The next time you log in, the agreement will appear when you search for a hotel. 



What kind of hotels do you have?

We have three different chains: Comfort HotelQuality Hotel and Clarion Hotel that includes Clarion Collection. We also have a number of lovely independent hotels

I am looking for a hotel near an airport. Do you have airport hotels?

Yes, we have a number of hotels located near airports across the Nordics here. View a list and map of our airport hotels here

How can I find a hotel with a pool?

View all our hotels with pools here

How can I find a hotel with a spa?

View all our hotels with spas here





Can I bring my dog?

Yes! Dogs are more than welcome at Nordic Choice Hotels! We have a number of pet-friendly rooms at almost every Comfort Hotel, Quality Hotel and Clarion Hotel. If you are planning a stay at one of our independent hotels, please contact the hotel itself or our customer service department to check availability. Each time you plan a stay at Nordic Choice Hotels with your pet, please contact us before you book on our website or via our app to make sure that we have pet-friendly rooms available. Your dog can stay with you for 250 SEK/NOK/DKK or 25 EUR per stay. Guide dogs can stay with you in your room free of charge, but you must provide the relevant documentation.

Can other pets stay with me in my room?

This depends on what kind of animal you would like to bring and each hotel's specific rules. Please contact our hotels directly to check availability and rules concerning pets in your room. 

Can I book a pet-friendly room online? 

Unfortunately not. Our hotels have limited numbers of pet-friendly rooms that permit dogs and some other pets. You will have to check availability by contacting the respective hotel. You can then proceed and make a reservation on our website or via our app.



Sports Clubs & Associations

Can sports clubs and associations travelling together get cheaper accommodation?

Guess what? We love sport! And that's why we have special discounted rates to support teams, clubs and associations travelling together. You can stay at some hotels for as little as 265 SEK per person to attend matches and other sports events. Supporters can also get special rates with 10-15% off overnight stays. Read about out our GoSportive initiative for clubs and associations and find information on how to book, prices and more here




Check-in & Check-out

What are your standard check-in/check-out times?
  • Check-in time: guaranteed from 3pm
  • Check-out time: before 12 noon

Please note that these times may vary at certain hotels.

To be sure of the exact check-in and check-out times, you should check the information concerning each hotel here

  • When you stay at a Comfort Hotel, you have the chance to get a late check-out time of 6pm on Sundays. Just contact the reception and they'll do their best to accommodate your request. 
  • SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM members of the Nordic Choice Club also have the chance to get a free early check-in/late check-out. This must be arranged with the reception at each hotel prior to or upon arrival. View more information about member benefits here. Please note that you will be charged a fee for early check-ins/late check-outs if this benefit is not included in your membership.
How late can I check in? Do I need to notify the hotel if I'm arriving late?

If you have secured your booking with a credit/debit card or your Nordic Choice Club membership number, you can check in whenever you like as long as it is within the hotel's standard check-in times. Please let us know if you are planning to arrive after midnight. Please note that you will need to check in before 4pm if you have not secured your booking. 





What career opportunities are there at Nordic Choice Hotels?

Nordic Choice Hotels offers a great range of career opportunities. We have more than 190 hotels across the Nordics and Baltic region, and head offices in both Stockholm and Oslo. View all available jobs and more information about what it's like to work for us on our career portal




Food & Drink

I have a food allergy. Do you accommodate special dietary requirements?

We always to do our best to accommodate our guests' needs and food preferences. Please do let us know about any specific requirements before you arrive, so that we can do our best to meet your needs.

Is breakfast always included?

A buffet breakfast is included in the room rate at almost all our hotels when you book a room here on our website. For exceptions and more information about meals, please read the information provided below.  

What meals are included in my room rate?
  • Clarion Hotel: Breakfast (charges apply at the Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport).         
  • Clarion Collection Hotel: Breakfast, Afternoon Sweets (coffee, tea, biscuits, etc.) and Tonight’s Special (hot evening meal). 
  • Comfort Hotel: Breakfast (only included with certain room categories at the Comfort Hotel Vesterbro). 
  • Comfort Hotel Xpress: No meals. Breakfast bags and snacks available for purchase from the Deli.
  • Quality Hotel: Breakfast.
  • Independent hotels: Breakfast (charges apply at At Six & Hobo).
What is an Early Bird breakfast?

An Early Bird breakfast is a simpler version of a typical buffet breakfast available at our hotels. To get your day off to the best possible start, we prepare basic breakfast bags including a sandwich, coffee and juice that you can grab in the lobby on your way out if you happen to be leaving before the breakfast buffet opens! View our breakfast opening times at our hotels here.  


 Nordic Choice Club & Bonus Points

How many bonus points do I get for overnight stays?

You normally get 1 bonus points per krona (SEK/NOK/DKK) spent on overnight stays in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. You get 10 bonus points per Euro spent on overnight stays in Finland and the Baltic countries. There are exceptions for certain types of prices. Find out more under Membership Terms & Conditions

I can't find any rooms that can be paid for with bonus points. Why is that? 

All hotels reserve a limited number of standard and superior rooms that can be paid for using bonus points. The hotel may have rooms available at a standard rate, even if the bonus rooms are fully booked. We recommend that you book well in advance of your planned stay if you would like to use your points, particularly at our most popular destinations.  

Do I get member benefits when I book via an online booking site such as, or

No. You do not get any benefits or earn qualifying hotel nights when you book via these sites. But you do get 500 bonus points for each stay if you provide your membership number when checking in. Find out more about how to earn bonus points, and related terms and conditions here.   

Can I share a membership with my partner?

No, membership of the Nordic Choice Club is personal and only applicable to one person. Two people are not able to share a membership.  

Do I get bonus points if I book room for someone else?

No, membership of the Nordic Choice Club is personal and is only valid for each respective member. This means that you yourself need to stay in a room to earn bonus points. 

Do I get bonus points for "no shows"? 

No, you will need to check in and stay in the room in order to earn bonus points. 

Can I book a room for someone else using my member discount (e.g. Club Price)?

No, the member discount is personal and only applies to rooms in which you stay. 

Can I use my points to pay for part of my overnight stay?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay for part of an overnight stay with points. You will need to have enough points to cover the full amount. Find out more about how to use your points here

Can I book two consecutive nights and pay for one with points and the other with money?  

Yes, you can pay for one night with points and the other using a standard payment method. You will, however, need to make two separate bookings. Book the night you wish to pay for using points first, and then pay as normal

What to do:

1. Bonus points booking (make sure you are logged in) - choose price category "Pay with your bonus points" and make your booking.

2. Standard booking (no need to log out) - choose another price category but the same room type for the other booking. You can select any price category other than "Pay with your bonus points".

3. Once you have completed these steps, please contact the hotel and let them know that you have made two bookings. They will then link your bookings.

I have not received bonus points for a booking I made via a campaign offer (e.g. double or triple bonus points, Mastercard payment). When will I receive these extra points?

First check the following:

  • Have 24 hours elapsed since the standard bonus points were registered on your profile under "My Page"?
  • Have you booked in accordance with the specific terms and conditions for the offer?
  • What registration date was specified for the offer? Some offers are only registered once per month or on a specific date. 

If all terms and conditions have been met, but your bonus points are still not registered on your member page, please contact our customer service department

How do restaurant vouchers work? 

When staying at a Clarion Hotel®, Quality Hotel™ or one of our independent hotels, Nordic Choice Club members will receive a restaurant voucher. BLUE members get 35 SEK/4 EUR. SILVER members get 75 SEK/8 EUR. GOLD and PLATINUM members get 125 SEK/13 EUR.

Your voucher will be stored in the Nordic Choice Hotels app (for hotels that are not linked to the app, you will receive a tangible voucher) and can be used to buy food or drinks at the hotel restaurant (not valid for liquor or tobacco). The voucher can only be used to pay for alcoholic beverages if you buy food with it. At Quality Hotel™ the voucher can also be used for a selection of food and beverages from Petite X. The voucher is only valid at the specified date. They cannot be accumulated or exchanged for cash, and no change is given. Please note that restaurant vouchers are not provided at Comfort Hotel® and Clarion Collection hotels (part of Clarion Hotel®).

Can I get bonus points for meals at hotel restaurants? Do I need to be staying at a hotel to claim points at restaurants?

No, you will currently not receive bonus points for restaurant visits. 

I have reached a high membership level at another hotel chain. Are you able to match my status if I transfer to Nordic Choice Hotels?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any status matches from other hotel chains.



Nordic Choice Hotels app

Where can I cancel my booking?

Some bookings can be cancelled in the app from the "Booking details" page. If the Cancel button is not available then please contact Customer Services if you believe that your booking is cancellable.

Where can I see my past bookings?

Go to the top of the page called "Stays" and you can select whether you want to view current or past bookings.

Can I request a receipt for a past stay?

If your booking was made online, you can request a receipt via "My Page" page on the website. Alternatively, please contact the hotel directly.

Can I book a bonus night in the app?

Yes. You are able to book a bonus night through the "My page" tab in the app. Scroll down to "The Point Shop" and book.

Why can’t I find my booking in the app?

Are you missing a booking?  Please allow up to 1 hour after you have made your booking for it to show up in the app.  There are several reasons why your booking may not show up in the app.

  • Bookings done via an online travel agency (e.g., or are not associated with your membership number and therefore will not show up in the app.
  • Bookings made without being logged in, or made on your behalf by our Customer Services or directly at the hotel without mentioning your membership number will not show up in the app.  You can ensure that your booking shows in the app by calling our Customer Services and they will sort it out for  you.
  • The hotel does not yet support the app.  We are working hard to migrate all out hotels to a system that supports the app however there are still a few unsupported hotels.
Why can I only see one booking?

You can see all of your upcoming bookings by swiping left and right on the page "My stays".

Where can I find my voucher in the app, and when will I receive it?

Your voucher will be activated in your app upon checking in when staying at one of our many hotels that are currently available in the app. If you stay at a hotel that is not yet connected to the app, you will receive a tangible voucher upon checking in at the reception. One voucher is activated per hotel night, and unused vouchers will be removed overnight and cannot be accumulated.

If you are using an Apple phone, you must have iOS 13 or higher installed in order for the app to work. The app also requires an iPhone 6 or higher. 

Can I get the app in my own language?

We offer the app in English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish. The app follows the language selected by you in your phone which you can find in your phone settings.  If you change your phone settings, please close the app and restart it to load your new language selection.

Why can’t I see my booking for some hotels?

We are working hard to migrate all out hotels to a system that supports the app however there are still a few unsupported hotels.

How can I update my profile details?

In time you will be able to update your profile details directly in the app however until then, please log in to "My Page" on the Web and update your details there. Alternatively, you may call or chat with our Customer Services and they will sort it out for you.

Does my hotel have mobile keys?

Many of our hotels support mobile keys and many more are actively working towards providing support for this feature.  As you can imagine, it may require changing all the doors at a hotel so progress will be slow but we are committed to offering this feature as widely as possible.

What can I use chat for?

When you use the chat function, you are communicating directly with the staff at the hotel you will be staying at.  You can ask them questions such as, What time is breakfast? or provide information such as: I took a bottle of red wine from the mini-bar, please put it on my tab! and they will do this for you to aid a smooth check-out process.

How can I copy my membership number?

If you navigate to the "My Page" tab in the app and hold a finger on the membership number. Select to Copy.

How can I add minibar charges to my bill?

Please contact the reception to add charges to your bill, this can be directly at check-out or via the Chat function.

Why is there a different booking number than is listed on my confirmation?

If you've booked through another channel than our webpage you will have a different confirmation number, don't worry though, you will receive the same great service regardless of how you made your booking.

Can I use the self service check-in if I haven’t made my booking directly at

Yes, you can! However, if you would like to see your booking in the app then please contact our Customer Services or the hotel directly to add your membership number to your booking.

Can I check-out with the self-service station if I paid in advance but charged something to my room?

Yes. You are able to pay for any extra charges on your bill on check-out on either the self-service station or via the app.

I’ve made several reservations in my name - can I use the self service check-in?

If you have multiple reservations under your name you are welcome to contact the front desk in order to check-in.

Where can I find my membership period and when my points are expiring?

Please refer to the "My Page" page on the web to find your membership period and expiring points.

Where can I find the full membership terms and conditions?

Please find the Terms and Conditions here.




How can I find out about parking facilities at hotels? Can I reserve parking spaces?

Information about parking facilities can be found on each respective hotel's website (under FAQs or Services). Find links to all our hotels here. You can reserve parking spaces at some hotels. If you wish to reserve a space, please contact the hotel reception or as an add-on once you have made your booking. 



Gift Cards

What types of gift cards can I buy and how do I do it?

Click here for more information about our gift cards and how to purchase them.


Digital gift cards

How do I buy a digital gift card?

Digital gift cards are available for purchase on our website.

Can I give the gift card to someone else?

Yes! When you buy the gift card you can choose if it's to yourself or someone else. If you want to give it away, just enter the email address of the person you want to give it to.

I've received a gift card. What can I use it on?

Congratulations! You pay with the gift card directly on the hotel, for your hotel stay, restaurant visit, spa or whatever you want to use it on. When you book a room at, choose the payment method Web Price Flex or Club Price – that way you can pay upon arrival. The gift card can't be used on prepaid bookings. You can also contact our Customer Service, and they'll help you with making a reservation.

Do I have to use the whole value of the gift card at once?

No, that's not necessary. At the gift card page you can see how much money that's left on the card – just scroll down to the bottom of the page, press "Check a gift card balance" and enter the code on the gift card.

Where and on what can I use the gift card?

On everything and everywhere in the Nordic Choice Hotels universe! Just imagine that the gift card is money. You can use it to pay for hotel bookings, on spa and spa treatments, in the restaurants and bars, but also on everything else the hotels offer. You can use it on the chain hotels Comfort Hotel®, Quality Hotel™, Clarion Collection® and Clarion Hotel® as well as on the independent hotels such as Yasuragi, The Thief, Villa Copenhagen, and Hotel Kämp.

How long is the gift card valid for?

The gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Does the gift card need to be valid when I'm staying at a hotel or when I make the booking?

Since you need to pay with the gift card at the hotel, it needs to be valid when you check-in or pay with it in the restaurant, etc.

What do I do if I haven't received the gift card but can see that it's been paid for?

If you haven't received the gift card, please contact our Customer Service that can help you. They can also help you if you lose it.

Can I regret the purchase?

Yes! You have up to 14 days to regret your purchase.

Is it possible to prolong the validation of the gift card?

No, that's not possible. Read more in our terms and conditions.

What are the terms and conditions for gift cards?

You can read the full terms and conditions here.


Other types of gift cards

I have lost my gift card. Can you replace it?

Unfortunately, we are unable to replace lost gift cards. 

I have a gift card for a fixed amount. How do I book and which hotels can I choose?

If you have a gift card with a fixed amount, you can use it at all our hotels. Book your room here on our website, directly with a hotel or via our customer service departmentNB! Make sure that the rate you choose is payable upon arrival. You cannot choose a prepaid price category or book a package deal/campaign offer with a gift card. 

I have a gift card with a "LVERDI" booking code that was paid for with Nordic Choice Club bonus points. How do I book a room and which hotels can I choose?

Please contact our customer service department to make a booking. View a list of hotels offering bonus prices. Hotels have a limited number of standard rooms that can be booked using bonus points. Several hotels also allow you to book superior rooms with bonus points - subject to availability. Please also note that more bonus points will be required.

I have a gift card with a "LGIFT" booking code. How do I book a room and which hotels can I choose?

Please contact our customer service department by phone +46 (0)771 666 700 or via email at to book using these gift vouchers. You can book rooms at any Clarion Hotel (incl. Clarion Collection), Comfort Hotel and Quality Hotel. These gift cards cannot be used at our independent hotels. Bookings made with gift cards are subject to availability as hotels make a limited number of standard rooms available per day. 

Can I purchase a gift card with my Nordic Choice Club bonus points?

Yes, you can! All you need to do is complete this form

Can I use my Nordic Choice Club bonus points together with a Be My Guest gift card?

You cannot combine Nordic Choice Club bonus points with gift card payments. Please contact our customer service department for details and further information about payment combinations.  

Can I give my Be My Guest gift card to someone else?

Yes! Be My Guest gift cards are not personal and can be used by anyone! 




Price Guarantee 

Do you have a price guarantee?

We have a price guarantee for a number of hotels when you book directly via Nordic Choice Hotels. For terms and conditions, and further information on how to book, please click here




How can I book an accessible room? 

To book an accessible room, please contact our customer service department or the hotel where you would like to stay. Accessible rooms are limited and subject to availability.

What kind of rooms to you have?

Most of our hotels have accessible rooms that have been specially adapted to suit people with disabilities. Please contact our customer service department or our hotels for more information and to check availability of accessible rooms. 

What rules are there for guide dogs?

You are more than welcome to bring your guide dog to stay with you in your room. You will not be charged to have your guide dog staying with you in your room.

Are there rooms for people with allergies?

Most of our hotels have rooms for people with allergies. Please make sure to contact each respective hotel to check availability. 

I'm allergic to certain foods. Are you able to accommodate special dietary requirements?

Find out more about food and beverages available at our hotels here




Terms & Conditions

What terms and conditions apply when I book via the Nordic Choice Hotels website and/or the app?

You can read our terms and conditions for bookings made on our website and via our app here. The terms and conditions clearly define how we work with digital products and the terms that apply when you use these. This includes information on the terms and conditions that apply when you book a room for yourself or wish to cancel a booking, for example.  

How does Nordic Choice Hotels ensure compliance with the GDPR and how does it use my personal information? 

We want our guests to feel safe when using our services and digital products. Our General Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy provide detailed information on how we collect, process and store the personal information you provide when using our services, e.g. on the website or in the app. You can even find out how your details are used for marketing purposes. Please be assured that we do our utmost to protect your privacy and any personal details you provide.

Where can I read more about the Membership terms for the Nordic Choice Club?

Here is our complete Membership Terms and Conditions.



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