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Why can’t I see my booking in the app?

How can I cancel on the website?

How can I book with bonus points?

I am missing bonus points after my stay

I have received a gift card. How can I book a room?

Where can I find information about the hotel?

Why am I unable to log in to My Page?

I get an error message when I try to book a room

How can I change a booking?

Why is my booking not shown on My Page?

I have not received my booking confirmation. What should I do?

Can I request a receipt for a previous stay?

How can I cancel a stay in the app?

How can I find out about parking facilities at hotels? Can I reserve parking spaces?

Can I use a Service Station if haven’t booked via the website?

Is there a restaurant at the hotel?

Why do I see a different booking number in the app than is listed on my confirmation?

What meals are included in my room rate?

How do I book add-ons?

How far in advance do I need to book the add-ons?

What kind of add-ons are available for my stay?

How do I pay for add-ons?

Can I cancel an add-on?

What happens to my booked add-ons if I cancel a hotel stay?

What are the Terms & Conditions for the Nordic Choice Hotels app?

Do I get bonus points for if I have a booking but do not check in?

What is an Early Bird breakfast?

What hotels are there within Nordic Choice Hotels?

Do you have any airport hotels?

How can I find a hotel with a spa?

How can I find a hotel with a pool?

What career opportunities are there at Nordic Choice Hotels?

Can I apply for a Nordic Choice Club Mastercard?

Do you have a price guarantee?

What are your standard check-in/check-out times?

Can I pay for a room in advance?

Can I get an invoice?

How do restaurant vouchers work?

Can I book a room for someone else with Club Price?

Can I share a membership with my partner?

What are the guidelines for those with guide dogs or personal attendants?

Can I book a pet-friendly room online?

What pets can I bring to the hotel?

Can I bring my dog to the hotel?

Can I cancel the purchase of a gift card?

What do I do if I haven't received the gift card but can see that it's been paid for?

Does the gift card still need to be valid during my stay?

Can I use a digital gift card as part payment?

Can I give away a digital gift card to someone else?

Can I give away my gift card to someone else?

Can I use my bonus points together with a Be My Guest gift card?

Can I purchase a gift card using bonus points?

How do I use a gift card with the LGIFT code?

I have a Be My Guest gift card. How do I book a room?

How do I use a gift card with a fixed amount?

Can you replace lost gift cards?

I want to buy a gift card. What do you offer?

How do you ensure compliance with GDPR and how do you use my personal information?

How much are extra beds?

How late can I check in? Do I need to notify the hotel if I'm arriving late?

Campaigns & Offers

How can I add minibar expenses to my bill?

Where can I find my membership period and when my bonus points expire?

I have several bookings in my name - can I use a Service Station?

Can I pay for additional expenses when I check out using a Service Station?

How can I copy my membership number in the app?

How can I use the chat function in the app?

Does the hotel I'm staying at have mobile keys?

How can I update my personal information in the app?

Can I get the app in my own language?

When and where in the app can I find the restaurant voucher I receive as a member?

Why can’t I find my booking in the app?

Can I book a bonus night in the app?

I have a food allergy. Do you accommodate special dietary requirements?

Do you have allergen-friendly rooms?

How can I book an accessible room?

Can I read about the Nordic Choice Club Mastercard anywhere?

What kind of accessible features are available in the rooms?

Can my team or sports association get cheaper accommodation when we travel somewhere?

Can I book one of several consecutive nights with bonus points?

Are there age limits at the hotels?

How many bonus points do I get per overnight stay?

I am missing extra points after a points campaigns, such as double or triple points or Mastercard. Why is that?

Do I get member benefits when I book via an online booking site such as, or

Can I pay in cash at the hotels?

What terms and conditions apply when I use the Nordic Choice Hotels website?

What are the cancellation terms?

Where can I find membership terms and conditions for the Nordic Choice Club?

What are the terms and conditions for digital gift cards?

Is it possible to extend the validity of the gift card?

Is breakfast included at the hotel?

I have reached a high membership level at another hotel chain. Are you able to match my status if I transfer to Nordic Choice Hotels?

How long are gift cards valid?

I want to book a bonus night but can only find a hotel room with normal payment terms. Why is that?

Do you have company agreements for people who travel for work?

How do I book with a company agreement on

Do you have connecting rooms so that children can sleep in one of the rooms?

Which types of beds are available for children?

Can children stay at the hotel free of charge?

How do I use booking codes for courses and conferences?

Can I get bonus points if I go to a hotel restaurant?

Can I use my points to pay for part of my overnight stay?

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