Whether you are a new couple, new engaged, newlywed or been married for years, there’s nothing like new experiences together to create memories for a lifetime. So when we look at places that will make you fall in love again and again, where else than the famous “Venice of the North” – Stockholm, Sweden. Take a look at our getaway ideas and if romance wasn’t in the air before, it is now.


Tucked away along the lakeside walk of Norr Mälarstrand in the centre of Stockholm is a Mälarpaviljongen. Take a step on one of their three flower embellished floating docks on the Lake of Mälaren and enjoy the idyllic oasis. Buy food and drinks from the restaurant or café and this would make the perfect afternoon date. Then take a stroll through their seasonally designed garden, featuring plants that reflect the various seasons. If you’re lucky, you might just stumble upon a show, summer club or Sunday jazz sessions. A perfect combination of relaxation and beauty with a backdrop of Mälaren’s water and flourishing garden right in the middle of Stockholm.

Bergianska trädgården (Bergius Botanic Garden)

With a mission to preserve natural and cultural values for the future, the Bergius Botanic Garden (that is owned and managed by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and Stockholm University) is the ideal combination of romance and education. Whether you stroll around merely to admire the diverse greenery or get into discovering the botanical garden and plant diversity, this spot never fails to give couples something to talk about and admire. Within the garden you’ll also find the Edvard Anderson Conservatory and the Victoria House featuring lush, exotic foreign vegetation.

Himlen (Heaven)

Always dreamed about walking on pink clouds? Get a bit closer to them with a visit to Himlen (which means Heaven). This French and Swedish fusion restaurant is located on the top floor of skyscrpaer Skrapan in the Southern District of Stockholm and offers views of the city only the 25th floor can.  If the fine dining experience is not your cup of tea, then head up one more floor to the 26th for the lounge and cocktail bar, with a spectacular view.

Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde

While visiting the home of a Prince in itself is a feat, Prince Eugen wasn’t just any prince – he was one of his generation’s foremost landscape painters. After becoming state-owned after the Prince’s death (in accordance with his will), the house is now an art museum complete with many of the Prince’s best-known works, including Molnet (the Cloud) and Det gamla slottet (The Old Castle). Nestled by the Stockholm water, a walk around the home brings you to beautiful views of the water as well as the centuries-old oak trees and garden at Waldemarsudde, that was planned by the Prince himself.


The Fjäderholmarna is a small group of four islands referred to as “Where the Archipelago begins”. Located closest to Stockholm, the islands have a long history of ownership but today, belongs to the Royal National City Park in 1995. After substantial renovation, the island of Stora Fjäderholmen was reopened with restaurants, cafés, craftsmen, museums, marina and more making this a perfect day trip excursion for a romantic summer day.

Gröna Lund

If you’re looking for a date with some action, then it’s time to increase the adrenaline with a rollercoaster ride. Located off the coast in Stockholm, Gröna Lund is Sweden’s oldest amusement park. During the summer the park is a popular spot for concerts and offers stunning view of Stockholm. So turn up the heat and take a ride on the Tunnel of Love.

Chokladfabriken (Chocolate factory)

Chocolate must be one of the most romantic sweets there is. So of course this attraction ends up on this list. At the Chokladfabriken, you’ll find cakes, pralines, drinking chocolate, petit fours, tarts and muffins – all made by hand, with a lot of love and real chocolate. The owners believe that, the more you know about chocolate, the more you’ll love it. Considering it’s usually (and hopefully) the same with people, it might not be such a bad idea to get to know your chocolate a bit better. Literally.

Picnic in Vitabergsparken

Vitabergsparken offers one of Stockholm’s nicest views and so you can always expect that the park is never empty. Pick a sunny day or a warm evening, bring a blanket and a basket filled with fruit, cheese, and a good wine, take your lover’s hand and head to the park. You’ll have a perfect picnic. We guarantee it.

La Neta (Mexican restaurant)

This mexican restaurant serves real mexican food. Not tex mex, Mexican. It all started when the owners were surprised to find “Mexican” sections in the Swedish supermarkets, filled with food options they didn’t know about. Something had to be done to bring authenticity to Sweden and  La Neta was born. They serve authentic Mexican street food with an uncomplicated touch. If you like it spicy and not too fancy, this is the place!

Glasblåsning (Glassblowing)

Glassblowing is a sensual experience. It’s a true work of art and not easy, but a very cool experience. The yellow-ish melted glass, the heat, the brittleness and the barrel that must be kept in motion, all at the same time, makes this a nice challenge. It is an art that takes decades to refine. Along with your loved one, you’ll get to know the creative joy of creating something (it might not actually look like anything in particular but rather something to take home) unique with this delicately beautiful material.

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