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New and improved member benefits

Free coffee, cheaper spa entry and digital restaurant vouchers. Find out about all our new member benefits.

Coffe and Nordic Choice Hotels app
Free coffee, digital restaurant vouchers and spa entry 2-for-1 - what’s not to like?
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There are now even more reasons to become a member of the Nordic Choice Club, with even more exciting benefits! The updates mean that you can take advantage of our benefits even when you’re not actually staying with us. This article details all the information about our new and improved member benefits.

1. 5-15% off hotel stays

As always, our members get the best rates on overnight stays, with at least 5% off when you book at the Club Price rate. We are now also offering even greater discounts during certain periods at selected hotels. For example, you can always get 15% off weekend stays when you pay in advance, i.e. at the Club Price Prepaid rate. The member discount is based on our standard price, the Web Price Flex rate.

Find out more about the benefit here

2. Free coffee whenever you like!

Prepare for our loveliest member benefit ever… or at least we think so, as it means we get to see you more often! Members can now get a free cup of coffee every day at our hotels. So, visit one of our hotels near you and enjoy a hot cup of coffee for free. It’s on us! Are you a tea drinker? No problem, you can enjoy either tea or coffee!

Find out more about the benefit here

NCC-benefits-grab-a-coffeeYum, a free cup of coffee!

3. Digital restaurant vouchers - now all across the Nordics!

As a member of the Nordic Choice Club, you can now get a digital restaurant voucher for every night spent at a Quality Hotel, Clarion Hotel and our independent hotels across the Nordics (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland). They’re easy to keep track of and easy to use. You will receive your voucher via the app on the day you arrive. If you stay at a hotel that is not displayed in the app, you will receive a paper voucher. If you haven’t got the app yet, you can download it here.

In addition to launching our fully digital vouchers, we’re also rolling out the vouchers to Norway and Denmark. So, from now on you’ll receive a restaurant voucher, instead of bonus points for your restaurant bill, when you stay at a hotel in Norway and Denmark. The value of the voucher is the same as before:

What can you buy with your voucher?

The fact that it’s called a “restaurant voucher” should give you a clue… Use it to pay for all or part of your food bill in one of our hotel restaurants or bars. Please note that this only includes alcoholic beverages purchased with a meal. You can view the full terms and conditions on the voucher in the app.

4. Spa entry 2-for-1 for GOLD and PLATINUM members

We want you to be able to enjoy member benefits, even when you’re not actually staying with us. So, GOLD and PLATINUM members can now get a discount on spa entries at hotels where these are available. The offer means that two people can enter for the price of one. You don’t need to be staying at the hotel to be able to take advantage of the benefit - the only condition is that the spa needs to have availability.

Find out more about this benefit here

relax-pool-stromstad-spa-resortMore and cheaper spa visits, what's not to like about that?

5. 500 bonus points if you book via an external booking site

Members who book a stay via an external booking site (e.g. will now receive 500 bonus points, but please note that other member benefits do not apply. Previously, members would have had member benefits, but no bonus points. There are many advantages of booking directly via us - you’ll always get the best rates, the most flexible terms and conditions to change or cancel your booking, an amazing guest experience and easier communication with the hotel. By collecting bonus points, you’ll be able to reach higher levels of membership more quickly to allow you to take advantage of even more benefits, as well as bonus nights and more!

6. Guaranteed upgrades for PLATINUM members - as long as there are rooms available when you make your booking

As a PLATINUM member, you will be guaranteed an upgrade to the next room category at no extra charge, just as before. What’s new is that this only applies if we have rooms available in a higher room category when your booking is registered in the booking system.

Find out more about this benefit here

7. The free shirt laundry service no longer available

Please note that the free shirt laundry service for our PLATINUM members is no longer available, as we have had trouble with deliveries at certain hotels. Moreover, very few members have taken advantage of this benefit in the past.

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