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Top 12 family-friendly things to do in Sweden

We know you have already been secretly dreaming about a vacation all winter-long, so we’ve put together a quick list of adventurous and cultural family-friendly activities to make your planning easier. In this post on summer with the kids, we feature Sweden!

Medieval Week, Gotland
Medieval Week, Gotland. Photo: Elin Kero

1. Liseberg Amusement Park **– **Gothenburg

Photo: Liseberg

Photo: Liseberg

This is Scandinavia’s biggest amusement park that offers something for everyone, young and old. Enjoy a ride on the Valkyria –  Europe’s longest Dive Coaster, with a vertical 50-metre-drop. Try out HELIXScandinavia’s fastest rollercoaster, compete against each other in a pentathlon or try your luck on one of the wheels of fortune. There are also larger scale events such as concerts and sing-a-longs during the summer. Did we mention? There’s also a funny house… and maybe, a haunted one.

2. Vasamuseet (Vasa Museum) **– **Stockholm

Photo: Anneli Karlsson, State Maritime Museums.

Photo: Anneli Karlsson, State Maritime Museums.

A really fascinating piece of history. This museum features a warship that was built somewhere during 1626-1628, that sank only 1300 meters into her maiden journey in 1628.  Vasa was salvaged in 1961 – almost entirely intact since the day she sank. A really cool experience. Best part? It is free admission for children and young people up to 18 years. Open: All year long.

3. Medieval Week **– **Gotland

Photo: Mike Fergusson/Medeltidsveckan.

Photo: Maria kristiansson/Medeltidsveckan.

What was life like in the Medieval Times? Well, in both Visby and on the countryside of Gotland a range of medieval activities takes place such as markets jousting, street theatre, craft courses, concerts, tours, lectures etc. An entire week of medieval life during August for the kids.

4. Kamelranch **– **Öland

Photo: Ormöga Kamelranch.

Photo: Ormöga Kamelranch.

Head to a countryside ranch with the kids! This is a ranch run by a couple that hosts camel rides and other fun stuff for kids. Not sure about riding on a camel? There are also llamas and other cute and cuddly farm animals. The ranch also hosts a café, playground, souvenirs shop and a flea market.

5. High Chaparral **– **Gnosjö

Photo: High Chaparral.

Photo: High Chaparral.

It’s the wild, wild, west! That’s the focus of this theme park. So strap up cowboy, bring your (and your kids’) cowboy boots, wear your best jeans let your cowboy dreams to life. Attractions also include cowboy-like activities including horseback riding, watching a train robbery, gold washing and of course, a fun park.

6. Kolmården – Norrköping

The biggest wildlife park in Scandinavia. Featuring a wide range of animal – 76 species and 750 animals to be exact! Find animals typical for the region but also more exotic ones such as lions, tigers, elephants, and giraffes. They also have dolphins and seals that you can pay to pet, as well as roller coasters for the kids and African Spa & Relax for yourself.

7. Astrid Lindgren’s World **– **Vimmerby

Photo: Örjan Karlsson

Photo: Örjan Karlsson

A trip to the world of the famous Astrid Lindgren’s fairy tales. Meet Pippi Longstocking, That Emil and Karlsson on the roof. Visit their houses, watch shows, meet your favourite characters and play in their world for the entire day.

8. Sälsafari (Seal Safari) **– **Lysekil

Beautiful Lysekil!

This is a 1.5h family trip where you get to visit the seals and their families in their natural habitat. Watch them sunbathing on the rocks or feeding their pups. A great combination of fun and learning because you will have an experienced guide who’ll tell you all you want about the seals.

9. Marinmuseum **– **Karlskrona

Photo: State Maritime Museums.

Photo: State Maritime Museums.

A marine museum with lots to see and experience especially now that they’ve just set up an entire submarine! The best part is you can actually enter it to see how it looks inside. This is new to the museum and opens just in time for the summer. Karlskrona also has a marine military base, one of few military bases left in Sweden.

10. Folkets Park **– **Malmö

This park is the oldest people’s park in the world and one of Sweden’s most visited places. It’s  been around for 120 years and has some of Malmö’s most popular playgrounds, attractions (include mini-golf and a wading pool), a reptile center called Terrarium and lots more! Perfect place for picnics and plenty of park space to roam free for the kids. Oh and it’s free admission too! Open all year long.

11. Universeum **– **Gothenburg

Photo: Universeum

Photo: Ellika Henrikson/Universeum.

Universeum is Scandinavia’s largest Science Centre. Located in the heart of Gothenburg, this university welcomed 550 000 children, young people and adults visited us on Korsvägen last year. Their mission? To have a positive effect on children’s attitudes to science, technology, and maths. Be prepared for a day of activities and experiences that fire up you and your child’s curiosity! Open every day.

12. Skara Sommarland **– **Skara/Västergötland

Photo: Jesper Anhede/Skara Sommarland.

Photo: Jesper Anhede/Skara Sommarland.

Last but not least, what’s summer without going to at least one water park! This one is located in the middle of Sweden and features a water cannon, lagoon, 21-meter free fall into the water and the newest ride, Cobra – a fun family ride for four. The website features over 12 water rides and guarantees a water temperature of at least 25 degrees.

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