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From points to experiences – Nordic Choice Club is worth it

“Loyalty programmes here, customer clubs there. How do I know if it’s actually worth it?” If this is what you’re thinking right now, we hope and believe you will wonder no more in just a few minutes.

Nordic Choice Club

Benefits from day one

This is something that should benefit you as a customer. If it doesn’t, a loyalty programme has nothing to offer and will not survive for long. Our loyalty programme always benefits you, because you always get something in return for choosing to stay at one of our hotels. While you sleep, travel, work or go adventuring, Nordic Choice Club ensures that being one of our members is worth your while. You don’t need to stay for umpteen nights, either – you get membership rewards for spending just one night in a hotel.

Already as a BLUE member you'll get 5-15% members discount on all hotel nights. And you still earn bonus points.

Even BLUE members accrue bonus points from the first money they spend with us. As a member you can also always book our member rates that provide 5-15% discount! And right from the first time you stay with us, you get a restaurant voucher worth NOK 35 if you are staying in a Clarion Hotel®, Quality Hotel™ or an independent hotel in Sweden and Finland.

Bonus points: What are they?

Once you have registered as a member of the Nordic Choice Club, you can log into your profile, “My page”. When you book a hotel while logged in, this is registered to your profile. Bonus points are the points you have accrued according to Nordic Choice Club’s records. You can use them to spend a bonus night in one of our hotels, you can use them on travel and other benefits, or you can gift them to someone else – it’s totally up to you.

The easy points

We’ve kept this part simple: each NOK spent on hotel accommodation = 1 point. So if your hotel accommodation costs NOK 800, that’s 800 points added to your account.

First and foremost, you can spend your points on more hotel accommodation with Nordic Choice Hotels in Scandinavia. We call these bonus nights, and you pay for them using your points instead of money. The best budget double rooms cost 7,500 bonus points per night. So when you have 7,500 points, you can take a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or anyone else, and spend a free night in a hotel!

Take a vacation and earn bonus points

Whatever your membership status, you earn 10% extra points if you book your stay via our website. At many hotels you also earn points when you eat in our hotel restaurants.

We also have lots of good partnerships with other organisations, so you can accrue bonus points that way. For example, if you’re going on holiday and want to book a cruise with Royal Caribbean. or hire a car from Hertz, as a member of the Nordic Choice Club you can book all of this while also earning bonus points with us. Here is a list of all our partners.

suite-balcony-royal-caribbean-nordic-choice-clubYou can earn bonus points on your cruise with Royal Caribbean.

Once you have 10,000 bonus points you get yet another benefit. You can spend your points on hotel accommodation in Europe outside of Scandinavia at any Choice Hotels International hotel.

Heading to Rome, London or the Big Apple? Spend and earn points all over the world!

To summarise: it’s worth joining the Nordic Choice Club because you earn points as soon as you stay at one of our hotels. You can earn and spend points with our partners, you can gift points to someone else and you can spend and earn points on hotel accommodation outside of Scandinavia. Finally, it’s worth joining because you get access to our offers before everyone else does.

Nordic Choice Club is worth it, and we hope you’re interested in getting these benefits and great experiences. All you have to do is join!


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