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Tips on how to keep your home clean – just like at our hotels

You’re probably keener than ever to keep your home nice and clean at the moment, right? Watch the video below for expert tips from our professional cleaners.

The most important thing for us is that you have a safe and clean experience while staying at our hotels.

In the video you see how we thoroughly clean hotel rooms, and which surfaces are particularly exposed to dirt and bacteria. These are the same surfaces that should also be cleaned on a regular basis in your own home. Here are some tips on how to keep your home clean and hygienic!

Which surfaces and touchpoints need a little extra love?

  1. Remote controls: Frequently touched by various hands and are easily forgotten during your weekly cleaning duties.
  2. Light switches, door knobs and hairdryers: See point 1.
  3. Wiping off flat surfaces, such as window sills and bedside tables, are not necessary to do on a daily basis in a private home - but it surely does give a wonderful clean feeling once you do it!

At Nordic Choice Hotels we use effective cleaning products that are kind to both humans and the environment. More or stronger chemicals are not always better - safety first!

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SAFE STAY at our hotels

The safety of our hotel guests and employees are our top priority at all times. We have introduced new procedures to keep guests safe during their stay. All hotels within Nordic Choice Hotels follow the guidelines, advice and instructions being issued by the national health authorities in each respective country.

Find out more about our safety procedures here.


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