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Keep your membership level until end of June 2022 - it’s a promise!

After two years of less travel than ever in modern times, it’s completely normal that collecting bonus points won’t be at the forefront of your mind! But, it’s been a tough couple of years for so many people, and we don’t want our members to be punished for that. Quite the opposite! So, we have decided to freeze all membership levels until the end of June 2022. That means that you will not risk being downgraded - but of course you can still reach higher membership levels!

Happy woman taking it easy in a lush hotel bed, knowing she won't be downgraded in all of 2021.
Take it easy - no Nordic Choice Club members will be downgraded before the end of June 2022, regardless how little you have travelled the past year.

So, how long can I retain my current membership level?

You'll keep your current membership level until 30 June 2022, even if your membership period expires prior to this and you have not reached the number of nights originally required for your level within your current period. Find out when your current period ends:

Why do we freeze your membership level?

We froze membership levels as early as March 2020, to ensure that our members would not be negatively impacted by the social restrictions resulting from the Covid pandemic. We have now decided to extend this solution until the end of June 2022 as well. So, stay up to date on the travel restrictions, and in the meantime you won’t need to worry about being downgraded!

Just because you're not staying with us as often as you used to, doesn't mean you can't enjoy your benefits! We offer plenty of benefits even when you're not sleeping over. Read about all your members' benefits here.

Note: Staying at our hotels is not the only way you can earn points. For example, you can rent a car or transfer your Coop points to Nordic Choice Club bonus points. Or why not earn points every day by getting yourself a Nordic Choice Club Mastercard? You’ll even get qualifying nights for each month you actively use your card. Learn how to earn bonus points here!


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