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Brasserie X: delicious restaurant experiences for all ages

Are you fond of good food, a lovely atmosphere and prefer restaurants where you can easily find a table and enjoy the food? Then you should head to Brasserie X, which is available at several Quality Hotel ™ in the Nordic countries.There you can have a seat wherever you want with friends, family or colleagues. To top it off, the restaurant has a child-friendly menu that makes eating at the restaurant enjoyable with the little ones! We have let children test the menu and you can see what they thought about the food in the video below.

Brasserie X at Quality Hotel Globe

The restaurant concept at Brasserie X combines French brasserie traditions with quality Nordic food, a food philosophy based on good, uncomplicated and tasteful meals made from scratch. With a seasonal menu, the chefs give you a dining experience that tastes good and is just as good for the body. You can never go wrong with French dishes that have a Nordic touch. Especially when served in a warm and genuine bistro like Brasserie X.

How child-friendly is the food at Brasserie X really?

All Brasserie X restaurants are always child-friendly. Many of our restaurants even have their own children’s menus for the little ones so that they have variety. However, the question is: how much do children really like the food? Of course, we have had kids test it out and you can see the result in the video below:

Embedded content:

More than a restaurant

Your local living room – here at Quality Hotel Expo

Brasserie X is more than a restaurant; it is a living room. A place to meet for whatever reason. Everyone is welcome and you will always feel at home. The restaurants are divided into zones with different interior styles that suit different types of gatherings, both large and small. At Bar X you can drink good cocktails, local beers and choose from a well-stocked wine list. Happenings, events, dinners, birthday parties and companies can of course be celebrated with us in your local living room.

A restaurant experience that suits you and your company

Bring friends, family or colleagues and enjoy your food in a relaxing and enjoyable environment. If you want a pleasant dining experience while working on your laptop, have a romantic dinner with your partner or get ready for the football match with other fans, there’s always room for you and your company. It should be fun to be a guest at Brasserie X. There is a reason why the word ”FUN” is the favorite word at Brasserie X. Come hungry and leave with a full belly and a smile.

Come as you are. Dress however you want. Everyone is welcome here!

Ready to experience this for yourself? Go and book a table at Brasserie X – the closest restaurant to you;

Here you can find a Brasserie X:


Oslo: Quality Hotel Expo

Stavanger: Quality Hotel Pond & Quality Airport Hotel Stavanger

Sandnes: Quality Hotel Residence

Tønsberg: Quality Hotel Tønsberg


Linköping: Quality Hotel Ekoxen

Malmö: Quality Hotel View

Stockholm: Quality Hotel Friends, Quality Hotel Globe, Quality Hotel Nacka & Quality Hotel Winn Haninge


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