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Are you getting tired of sound issues and frozen screens during video calls? Would you like to see your colleagues elsewhere than just as a collage on your computer screen? Are we crazy to suggest taking a break from your home office and heading off on a conference with your colleagues! Perhaps! Pack your computer, your toothbrush and some decent clothes - it’s time for a hybrid conference!

Hybrid meeting at Quality Hotel Friends.
Welcome Stockholm, welcome Osloooo! Welcome, Carina! And John who is with us from his livingroom in Gothenburg. Photo: Quality Hotel Friends.

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Sometimes challenging times call for simple solutions. A hybrid meeting together with Connected Venues takes place in several different places at the same time with both face-to-face and modern digital experiences! How cool would it be sharing a stage with your boss, when you’re actually 100 miles apart!

Studio Flex. Hybrid meeting at Quality Hotel Friends_16_9Different times - different ways of getting together!

A hybrid conference takes place in several different places at the same time. Imagine a new take on synchronised swimming - this time on dry land! You’ll all see what’s happening on stage in real time, even if someone is messing up their slides… It’s all part of the experience! You’ll get all the facts, entertainment, food and drinks, plus the welcome smalltalk and loo breaks. No one misses out on anything - everyone participates. And as soon as we start doing things together again, that’s when the magic happens and we create our own culture!

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Look at this professional way of meeting - imagine being a part of this!

At a hybrid meeting, the focus should be on maintaining safety and creating culture! Are you longing for a return to normal and are you keen to find out more about hybrid solutions? Great! We arrange all kinds of meetings based on your requirements, no matter if you’re 50, 500 or 5000 participants! So, if you’re ready to pick up where you left off last year, send an email to to get the ball rolling.

Want to find out more about hybrid meetings? Find out about package deals, prices and amazing solutions.

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