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Unmute Your Business - choose Good, Better or Best

The time has come. You’ve been staring at a screen in your kitchen, your living room and even your bedroom for eternity! Now it’s time to get back out into the real world, meeting colleagues IRL or attending a conference. So, we’ve made things easy for you. All you need to do is select from three different packages and we’ll fix the rest.

People at a conference in the executive suite at Clarion Hotel Stockholm

But what’s that? Suddenly you hear a familiar voice in your head that chimes in every time you feel any kind of joy: Hang on a minute. Things are going well here at home. Perhaps we should do that conference digitally after all? We say NO! Alarm bells are ringing. It’s time for business to be UNMUTED.

Unmuting is of course best achieved in the company of others. To make things easier, we have created three different packages for you to choose between. You decide which one you want and we’ll fix the rest. Just bring together your colleagues and we’ll look forward to welcoming you at a hotel near you! And don't forget to unmute Dwight Schrute, because this time, EVERYONE is being included!

Good, Better or Best?

We’re launching this autumn’s easiest conference concept, something that’s sure to be welcome news for the person in charge of booking your company’s next event! There are three packages with three simple pricing plans to suit different needs.

How to book:

Good - simple and good value

Book this package and you’ll have a simple breakfast waiting for you when you arrive in the morning, featuring sandwiches, croissants and coffee/tea. You can then spend the rest of the day pumping out great ideas in the conference room, with fruit salad and some “fika” served as a welcome energy boost in the afternoon.

Better - more expensive, much better

With this package, guests can look forward to a bigger and better breakfast and afternoon “fika”. You’ll get energy shots, fresh juices and smoothies to help you focus all day, as well as lunch and a variety of simple teambuilding activities! You don’t need to plan a thing...except of course all the stuff you need to work on between meals!

Best - need we say more?

This package includes a luxurious breakfast, a fabulous lunch, a proper afternoon “fika” and best of all - you’ll end the day with snacks and bubbles! It’s the perfect way to spend a day with colleagues. This package also includes great teambuilding activities, some of which can easily be enjoyed with a glass of bubbly in your hand!

Pandalus Conference room_16_9

We can even tailor your conference to suit your specific needs. Would you like to stay overnight? Do you want to include dinner? How about a few hours at the hotel spa? There are no limits! Just contact the hotel of your choice and they’ll be happy to assist you further.

How to book:


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