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15 tips for a successful conference

Are you going to plan the next six months with the team, make a new strategy for the whole business or just have a social gathering? For many people, planning a meeting or conference can be a scary and challenging thing. We have collected 15 points that can serve as a checklist for making your conference a successful one.

Colleagues at a conference
Remember to schedule breaks during the day

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Do you miss conferences? So do we. Because without you our spaces are just rooms with furniture.

1. Set a date for the event

Make sure your event does not coincide with competing or similar events. Avoid planning an event when most people have their vacation periods.

2. Find a suitable venue

The room must match the number of participants, as well as the type of activities you have planned.

cnference-meeting-room-clarion-hotel-ernst-.jpgBeautiful views from a conference room at Clarion Hotel® Ernst.

3. Send out invitations

As soon as the date of the event and the venue are set you can send the invitations.

4. Planning

Create an event committee and divide the responsibilities and tasks amongst them. Set up detailed checklists with clear deadlines. Lastly, you should have close contact and follow-up with the conference venue and any suppliers. It is always a good idea to recheck that everything you have ordered is in place at the right time.

5. Book speakers/entertainment

If you are going to book a speaker or some other entertainment, be sure to pay attention to your target audience, the theme of the event and the purpose of the event.

6. Set up a programme for each day

Remember to spend time on breaks during the event so that participants get the opportunity to talk with each other. If the programme becomes too tight, participants can get tired and lose their ability to concentrate.

7. Send everyone programmes and instructions

Send the programme ahead of the event. You should also provide practical information such as parking possibilities, the dress code and anything else that is important and good to know in advance.

8. Printing

A complete design on all communications gives the impression of a professional organiser. Remember to order all printed materials with plenty of time!

9. Double check that the technical equipment will be in place

Technical challenges are something you would rather avoid during the event. Therefore, make sure that the technical equipment you and your speakers / entertainers might need is in place.

10. Confirm the guest list and any dietary requirements

Keep the manager of the venue informed of how many guests are coming to the event and how many people to cook for. Remember to tell them of any allergies.

Refilling energy is important for a successful conference

11. Go through the premises just before the event

The day before the event, it is important to ensure that the premises are organised in a satisfactory manner. It is also important that you take the time to check that the technical equipment is working.

12. The day of the event

During the event you will probably need help handling the various crises that inevitably arise, as well as avoiding delays in the schedule. Be sure to have some key people that are easily accessible.

13. Keep to time

Try as far as possible to keep to the times, create a flow to the activities and avoid delays in the schedule.

14. Have fun!

Enjoy and see how hard work pays off.

15. Evaluation

Give the participants a form that they fill out and return on departure or by post after the event. There is always something that can be improved, so it is important to have an evaluation – especially so for the next event.

With these tips in mind, everything will be ready for a successful conference. Nordic Choice Hotels offers conference facilities throughout the Nordic region, and we have rooms for all sizes, from small conferences to conference halls with space for several thousand (it will happen again, we promise). Look at the possibilities and plan your next conference today!


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