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Nordic Choice Hotels – who are we?

You may have heard of Petter A. Stordalen, the founder of Nordic Choice Hotels. It would be hard to find anyone who loves hotels more than he does. He also loves people, opportunities and action-filled ideas. For example, you might find him dancing 78 metres up in the air outside a hotel façade, or driving a water scooter to the opening of a new hotel. That’s Petter. And that, in a nutshell, is also Nordic Choice Hotels.

Petter A. Stordalen in Helsinki
Petter A. Stordalen in Helsinki, dancing 78 metres up in the air outside a hotel façade.

From the Northern Lights to the sauna

Nordic Choice Hotels is one of Scandinavia’s largest hotel groups with around 190 hotels in six countries across Scandinavia and the Baltic region. We say ‘around’ purely because this number changes frequently as we add more hotels to our family each year. Most hotels within Nordic Choice Hotels are located in destinations in Sweden and Norway. You will also find some of our hotels in Copenhagen and Helsinki. Finland is the most recent country we’ve moved into, and we’re enjoying ourselves very much here – obviously, since there are saunas everywhere. What’s not to like? Last but not least, we have one hotel in Vilnius (Lithuania).

Spa at Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Åre and northern lights Left: Spa at Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Åre, Sweden

A room in the city centre, or a spa deep in the mountains

Our three hotel chains are named Comfort Hotel®, Quality Hotel™ and Clarion Hotel®, with each chain encompassing a range of hotels. We also have twenty or so independent hotels. Rather than forming part of our larger chains, these unique hotels are really destinations in themselves due to their location, design or facilities – such as beautiful, spacious spas.

Swimming pool and lounge area on the roof terrace at Clarion Hotel Post Clarion Hotel Post, in the centre of Gothenburg, has a swimming pool and lounge area on the roof terrace

As a member of our loyalty programme, Nordic Choice Club, you can earn and spend bonus points at all four groups of hotels.

We hope you will choose our hotels when travelling or staying in hotels in your home town, whether for business or pleasure. You’re always welcome, regardless of the reason for your stay! One tip: if you’re likely to stay at Nordic Choice Hotels more than once, it makes sense to join our club. Why? The short answer is that you get more for your money and a better guest experience.


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