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CSR in Nordic Choice Hotels


We want to reduce our use of chemicals, as well as use more environmentally friendly alternatives. Our goal is to reduce the use of chemicals by 50 %. In addition, we aim to replace 50 % of the environmentally harmful chemicals by the end of the year.

Nordic Choice is actively engaged in minimizing the use of chemicals and particularly environmentally harmful chemicals.

Fewer chemicals

We are making an effort to reduce the number of chemicals used by the hotels. By using fewer chemical products we reduce the risk of using chemicals that might prove to be harmful to the environment in the future.

A central operating system

All chemical products used for cleaning are reported to central headquarters. We have listed all the chemicals we use, sorted according to a health and environmental analysis. Green means acceptable, yellow means we should look for a replacement, and red means its use will be discontinued.

 The list is being updated as we make progress reducing our use of chemicals.

 Massive reduction in a short period of time

 Between 2008 and 2011, we reduced the total number of chemicals by 41 %. The use of environmentally harmful chemicals was reduced by 31 %. The results show that our efforts are paying off, but we still have a long way to go.

Chemicals are used for many purposes

We use chemicals when cleaning, conducting maintenance and when disinfecting and cleaning pools and pool water. Several of these chemicals may be harmful to our health or the environment. Hence, we plan to reduce the use of these chemicals by as much as we can.

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