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How to earn bonus points

You don’t have to stay often at our hotels to move up the membership levels. With Nordic Choice Club your membership is upgraded by the number of qualifying nights or how many bonus points you collect.

Bonus points per membership level

For each member period (12 months from the month you registered your membership) the following applies:

Women in sunglasses With Nordic Choice Club your membership is upgraded by the number of qualifying nights or how many bonus points you collect.

LIFETIME membership

If you have earned 500,000 bonus points during your time in Nordic Choice Club, you will be awarded GOLD LIFETIME. This means you get to keep all the benefits of a GOLD membership for the rest of your life, regardless of how often you stay with us and how many bonus points you collect over the coming membership periods. You will never go down to SILVER or BLUE. You still have the chance to reach Platinum level by earning the bonus nights or qualifying nights required during a membership period.

If you continue to earn bonus points and reach one million bonus points from the day you became a member, you’ll be awarded the jewel in the crown - PLATINUM LIFETIME! You will have achieved something very few have achieved and you will never be downgraded to GOLD, SILVER or BLUE. Instead you will reap the benefits of a PLATINUM membership for life.

Earn bonus points with Nordic Choice Hotels

On overnight stays

You earn 1 bonus points per krona or 10 bonus point per Euro spent on the room charge. The bonus points are added to your points balance after your stay.

Are you booking a conference where the hotel room is a part of the total sum? Then you will earn 1,000 bonus points per night. Remember to quote your and your colleagues’ Nordic Choice Club membership numbers in your booking to register your bonus points.

For discounted special prices, such as travel agents, you earn 500 bonus points per night.

deluxe-double-room-with-view-vox-hotel_16_9Earn bonus points on hotel stays.

On your booking

You get 10% extra points when you book via or via the app. This applies to all members, regardless of membership level. Just remember, you must be logged in to get the extra points registered.

You get extra points based on your membership level: 10% for SILVER , 20% for GOLD and 30% for PLATINUM members.

Earn bonus points with our partners

Choose between cruises, rental cars, flights and more. See all our partners you can earn bonus points with.

You earn 750 bonus points per night when you stay at Choice Hotels outside the Nordics and Baltics. Remember to send an e-mail with a copy of your receipt to Nordic Choice Hotels Customer Service ( to register the bonus points to your membership account.

If you have a Swedish or Norwegian Personal ID Number you can enjoy a range of benefits and many options to earn extra bonus points with Nordic Choice Club Mastercard. How about 10,000 bonus points as a welcome gift, bonus points on all purchases and an automatic upgrade to SILVER? Check out all the benefits with Nordic Choice Club Mastercard.

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