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Nordic Choice Club

Introducing LIFETIME and Upgrade by points

Crowning GOLD and PLATINUM membership with LIFETIME is our way of saying thanks to our most loyal members. And we make it easy for you. You also gain higher membership status based on the bonus points you earn!


When you´ve earned 500,000 bonus points as a member of Nordic Choice Club you will be awarded GOLD LIFETIME. This means you keep all the benefits of GOLD membership for life, no matter how often you stay with us or how many bonus points you earn in the future. You will never downgrade to SILVER or BLUE.

And if you continue to earn bonus points to reach 1,000,000 bonus points from the day you signed up as a member, you will upgrade to the absolute pinnacle of Nordic Choice Club membership: PLATINUM LIFETIME. When you earn 1,000,000 bonus points and PLATINUM LIFETIME, you will achieve something very few people achieve and you can never be downgraded to GOLD, SILVER or BLUE. Instead, you will enjoy all the rewards PLATINUM membership bestows - for life and as long as we´re in business. We look forward to sealing our friendship with you - for life!

Upgrade by points

Now it´s also easier for members who don´t stay with us very often to upgrade. In the past, only the number of overnight stays counted towards membership upgrades, but this has changed with Upgrade by points. The following applies during a 12-month period: Five nights or 15,000 bonus points confers SILVER membership, thirty nights or 50,000 bonus points confers GOLD membership and sixty nights or 100,000 bonus points confers PLATINUM membership.

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