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Terms and conditions of use of Nordic Choice Hotels website and app

The following are the terms and conditions of use of our website and app. For questions, please contact our Customer Service, either by email to or by calling +47 22 33 42 00.

We would also draw your attention to our Data Protection Declaration, which you will find here.



1.1 This website is owned and run by Nordic Choice Commercial Services AS ("Nordic Choice Hotels").
1.2 These terms and conditions of use relate to your use of the website. By visiting and using our website, you undertake at all times to follow the current terms and conditions of the website.
1.3 For users who register as members of the Nordic Choice Hotels customer club, the Nordic Choice Club, the membership terms of the Nordic Choice Club also apply. The membership terms can be consulted here.
1.4 For users who register a web profile, special terms and conditions apply. See Chapter 3 below.
1.5 Users undertake not to infringe Norwegian law by their use of the website.


2.1 In order to improve your use of the website, Nordic Choice Hotels may undertake changes to it.
2.2 Nordic Choice Hotels reserves the right to make improvements, changes or additions to the website or to delete information in it without prior warning, should Nordic Choice Hotels find this necessary. Furthermore, Nordic Choice Hotels reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of use. The terms and conditions of use applying at any time will be published on our website. By continuing to use the website after such changes have been published, you indicate your acceptance of them.


3.1 A user of Nordic Choice Hotels' website may set up a web profile in order to ensure that personal details and interests/needs can be retrieved at a later date, in order to simplify the ordering process and adapt information and services to match the user's profile.
3.2 Personal details, interests and special requests/needs, if submitted, will be stored together with any booking data and purchasing history. This information may be used by Nordic Choice Hotels to adapt the web service to the customer's needs or to customise your stay with us.


4.1 All content on the website is owned by Nordic Choice Commercial Services AS, unless otherwise indicated.
4.2 The content of the website is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rules. Users may not under any circumstances use the content of the website otherwise than in accordance with the terms and conditions of use.
4.3 Unless otherwise indicated, the reproduction, publication, adaptation, transfer, storage or other use of website content will require the prior written approval of Nordic Choice Hotels. An exception is made for occasional storage of dates or printouts for personal use.
4.4 Use of trademarks and logos from the website is subject to the prior written consent of Nordic Choice Hotels or the other rights-holders.


5.1 The Nordic Choice Hotels website may contain hyperlinks to websites owned and provided by third parties. Your use of such links will entail leaving the Nordic Choice Hotels website.
5.2 Nordic Choice Hotels is not responsible for the design of websites provided by third parties and has no influence over their contents.
5.3 The provision of such links by Nordic Choice Hotels does not imply any promotion of or responsibility for information, products or services offered via the hyperlink.
5.4 As Nordic Choice Hotels is not responsible for the handling and protection of your personal information on third-party websites, Nordic Choice Hotels advises you to read the terms and conditions applying to the use of such websites. The use of websites belonging to third parties is exclusively at the user's own risk.


6.1 Nordic Choice Hotels provides no guarantees regarding the function or availability of the website.
6.2 Nordic Choice Hotels does not guarantee that the information made available on the website is correct or complete. This covers information about products, services and offers and other information provided on the website.
6.3 Nordic Choice Hotels accepts no liability for direct or indirect damage or injury caused by use of the website or by information on the website, to the extent that such liability is not imposed by mandatory legislation.


7.3 Nordic Choice Commercial Services AS and our business partners will use the information you provide in connection with transactions on the website. Such information includes credit and debit card information and addresses for deliveries and invoices.
7.2 Nordic Choice Commercial Services AS takes all reasonable steps to protect information of this type that you provide in connection with transactions.


Terms and conditions of use for Nordic Choice Hotels App


These terms and conditions apply to your use of the Nordic Choice Hotels app ("NCH APP"). The app is provided by Nordic Choice Hotels Commercial Services AS, Norwegian Org. No. 968 819 372.

Please read these conditions carefully before starting to use the app. By clicking "I accept", you accept the terms and conditions of use and agree to use the app in accordance with them.
In order to provide you with an app with the appropriate functionality, we need to process personal data. On this, see the detailed description in our Data Protection Declaration

1 About the app

We offer you the NCH APP so you can do the following:

  • You can book your next stay directly via the app and get all the membership benefits
  • You can chat with the hotel at hotels that support this function
  • You have a single site for overviewing your bookings
  • You have direct access to all information about your membership, for instance, status, etc.
  • You can check in and out using your mobile at hotels that support this function
  • You can choose rooms during check-in at hotels that support this function
  • You are the first to get new updates
  • You can use the app as a mobile key for your room at hotels that support this function
  • You can receive personalised information and offers from us, based on your preferences and location, etc.

2 Intellectual property rights and licence

We give you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferrable, royalty-free world-wide right of use to install and use the NCH APP on all units which you own or control. This right of use is provided on condition that you approve our terms and conditions of use.

The NCH APP contains information and material owned by Nordic Choice Hotels and which is protected by the applicable intellectual property legislation. Among other things, this applies to all copyright on texts, software, graphics and design and all trademark rights. Unless expressly permitted in this document, such information and material must not

i. be used for purposes other than those corresponding to these terms and conditions of use,
ii. or be copied or reproduced in any way, or
iii. be changed, rented out, sold, distributed or commercially exploited.

You acquire no intellectual property rights over the app beyond the limited licence we provide you with. Nor do you acquire any rights to the material created by use of the app.

3 Access permits

You will be asked to give NCH APP permission to access your data. Your consent to such access is voluntary, but if you say no to or deactivate the access questions, this will cause a reduction in the functionality of the NCH APP.

NCH APP may ask you for the following consents:

  • Access to your location data
  • Receiving data from the Internet
  • Viewing network connections
  • Full network access
  • Preventing the unit from entering sleep mode
  • Access to bluetooth, for use of the app as a key card
  • Permitting push notifications


You may turn the consents for access and push notifications on and off.

4 General conditions for bookings

You may book and administer your bookings with us in the NCH APP. For bookings, our general conditions apply, which you will find here.

5 Key card in NCH APP

If you wish, NCH APP may be used as a key card during your stay with us. In order to use the key card function in the app, you must activate Bluetooth, push notification and location data access on your smartphone. You must also be connected to WiFI or 4G. You may deactivate the key card function in the app at any time.

6 Choose room

If you like, you can pay a fee and choose a specific room as part of the check-in process at hotels that support this function. We reserve the right to change rooms based on unforeseen circumstances or a hotel's assessment. Any fees charged will be refunded in such cases.

7 Personalised information in nch app

If you have logged on to your Nordic Choice Hotels account, you will have access to My Page. If you are not logged on, you will not receive personalised information through our app.

8 Your responsibility

You are responsible for ensuring that your use of the NCH APP does not infringe applicable legislation and regulations. In particular, the app must not be used for unlawful activity or for publishing unlawful content.

In order to use the app, you must subscribe to and install the app. All information you register must be true and you may not use aliases or otherwise hide your true identity. All information must belong to you and not to another. You are responsible for the security of your password and will be liable for use or unauthorised use under your username. If you have any suspicions of unauthorised use of your username, you should immediately change your password and/or contact Nordic Choice Hotels.

We reserve the right to change, temporarily suspend, remove or deactivate your access to the NCH APP, if you breach the conditions or behave in ways which are contrary to the law. In such cases, you will normally receive prior warning before your access is deactivated, allowing you an opportunity to remedy the matter.

9 Disclaimer

NCH APP is offered "as is" and is not guaranteed to function or provide uninterrupted or error-free content. There are no guarantees that errors will be corrected or that the server making the service available is free of viruses or other harmful components.

You are yourself responsible for your or others' use of the app.

We are not liable for loss of profits, demands for repayment to third parties or other indirect or consequential losses arising from use of the NCH APP.

10 Changes to terms and conditions and functionality

You will find the currently applicable terms and conditions for the use of the NCH APP in the app itself.

From time to time we shall need to change or adapt the terms and conditions of use, e.g. as the result of new legislation, new technology or changes to our business models.

Changes to terms and conditions will take effect, unless otherwise stated, 14 days after the date of announcement.

If changes to terms and conditions of use require your acceptance, whether in accordance with legislation or practice, we shall ask you to accept them before these parts of the new conditions apply to you.

You will be free to terminate your use of the NCH APP if you do not wish to be bound by changed terms and conditions.
We reserve the right, without prior warning, to make improvements, changes or additions, or to delete information and functionality in respect of the NCH APP, as we see fit.

11 Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are subject to Norwegian law. Any disputes arising from the terms and conditions must be decided by Norwegian courts unless otherwise stipulated by mandatory consumer protection rules.


The Terms & Conditions were last updated on 23 October 2018

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