Photograph: Clarion Hotel Helsinki

So, the summer’s finally here and the sun barely goes down before it rises again! Wherever you go, you’ll find happy holiday-makers who’ve spent a long winter indoors and are really longing for the warm summer months. A summer in the Nordics is truly wonderful, until you feel the water…

No, we’re not going to lie. It’s not the ideal place to come if you really love swimming. The water is cold. And you certainly don’t want to catch a cold on your summer holiday! That’s why we’ve put together a list of top swimming spots for those of you who prefer warmer waters.

Clarion Hotel Helsinki

At the Clarion Hotel Helsinki, you can enjoy a swim in our heated pool while gazing out across the city skyline – all the year round. The pool is located on the hotel’s rooftop and it also has a protruding part from which you can see straight down – so don’t swim out too far if you’re scared of heights!

Avalon Hotel, Gothenburg

Like the Clarion Hotel Helsinki, the Avalon Hotel has a pool that provides stunning views. So, jump in and gaze down at the city and the people passing by! You can even order a refreshing drink from the bar on the roof terrace. Guests staying in the suite can enjoy the pool all to themselves, both in the morning and the evening.

Photo: Bobo Olsson/Nights

Farris Bad, Larvik

Come to Farris Bad to enjoy an unbeatable location right next to the sea. Part of the hotel is literally located right above the Larvik Fjord, and you’ll also find one of Scandinavia’s best spas with bathing rituals, yoga and much more! If you fancy a dip in the salty sea, then follow the steps to our swimming facilities down by the water’s edge!

Clarion Collection Hotel Aurora, Tromsø

Tromsø is situated in wonderful natural surroundings. And there is no better way to admire them than from a hot tub! When you stay at the Clarion Collection Hotel Aurora you can do just that. Enjoy fabulous views of the tree tops, midnight sun and sparkling sea from the hot tub on the top floor – this really is something not to be missed!

Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport, Stockholm

Don’t like the idea of flying? No worries – you needn’t leave the country to enjoy a wonderful holiday with plenty of opportunity to swim! Just head to the Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport and try the heated outdoor pool that is ideal for lazy days just chilling in the sun! (And it’s not unheard of for conference guests to jump straight in with their clothes on after a great day of meetings!)

By: Anna Olausson, Nights & Ebba Zäther, Nordic Choice Hotels

This article first appeared in our Nordic Choice Club member magazine, Nights (#13, 2017).