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Yes Please, I’ll Have Both

It is a bit magical. Even as an adult I can feel the expectations and excitement associated with Christmas. I look forward to all the delicious smells, food, homemade Christmas decorations, parties and quiet nights with my family. I never light as many candles as during Christmas. Christmas defines the meaning of “kos” – being together with those you love the most, sharing memories, and making new memories.

Sweet dreams are made of paper bracelets.

The presents are a big part of Christmas preparations. The smartest ones start shopping early. Nothing kills the Christmas spirit more than standing in line for hours with other weary and stressed out people who are also doing their shopping too late. Even though we don’t always express joy when shopping, we still spend a lot of money on each other. In fact, 2015 we spent as much as 55 million NOK in December alone. A portion of these millions are used on social enjoyments ­– we eat and drink well. But it is estimated that we each spend an average of 6 270 NOK on commodities, such as Christmas presents. Every year we splurge a little more than we did the year before.

But this is no morality speech to get you to stop Christmas shopping. No, presents are fun and Christmas should prevail. But maybe we can think a bit differently? Although we are splurging Christmas, there are still people around us, near and far, who need more of our generosity. And more and more people choose to give presents to good causes. Actually, several organizations facilitate so that you can give presents to those you love, and at the same time give to those who need it the most. Yes please, I’ll have both.

Jewellery stores are amongst the income winners in December. In fact, they double their revenue at this time of year. Perhaps it’s not that surprising. Jewellery is personal, and we give it to those whom we wish to show extra care and love for.

So, how about giving someone a bracelet and have a good conscience at the same time? These beautiful bracelets are handmade by women in Cambodia. By buying them you contribute to paid work for women, so they can provide for their families, and ensure schooling for their children. The bracelets costs 89 NOK and the full profit goes to UNICEF and our common goal, to fight human trafficking of children. Every bead is made of twisted, recycled paper, and they are all unique. It is a unique gift, to a unique person. Sweet dreams are made of paper. You can buy the bracelets at all of our hotels.

Buy a unique bracelet to someone you care for, and we will pay your generosity forward. Let us make Christmas as joyful as possible for as many as possible. Read more about how these bracelets help them.

Every year 1.2 million children are victims of human trafficking. What if it was your child?


Hedda Skaug


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