More than 1.2 million children around the world are affected by human trafficking. Every year. And that has to stop. So, we’re doing our best to help more children stay with their families and in the safety of their own homes. The project is called Sweet Dreams Stay. And both you and your children can help. Read on to find out how!

This article was updated 18 September 2018

We’re working with UNICEF to save children from trafficking

Nordic Choice Hotels has been working with UNICEF since 2008 to give child victims of human trafficking a better life. Over the years we have raised millions, but it’s far from enough. We will not stop until all children are safe, so we want to do even more. That’s why we’ve started the Sweet Dreams Stay project. And it’s really simple.

Nordic Choice Hotels has been working with UNICEF for many years.

Next time you stay at one of our hotels, you can choose not to have your room cleaned and we will donate money to UNICEF to help child victims of trafficking. Simply hang the Sweet Dreams Sign on your door before 11pm. Each day that you choose to forego the cleaning of your room, we will donate 10 SEK/NOK. Do this only twice, and you will have given a child a safe night’s sleep.

Drawings that make a difference

To kick-start the Sweet Dreams Stay concept, we are giving children across the Nordics the chance to help children in need. Bring your kids to one of our hotels from 4-10 September and get drawing! For each drawing received, we will donate 10 kronor to UNICEF. You can even help from home! Just take a picture of a drawing and post it on our Facebook page. We will donate 10 kronor for each photo.  How did it go then? Scroll down to see how many drawings and how much money was donated to UNICEF!

Hedda Skaug, who is in charge of our collaboration with UNICEF, is here shown in the Lao Chai province in Vietnam, where children are at extreme risk of being trafficked due to the terrible poverty, poor education and close proximity to China. The image above shows children using crayons for the very first time.

This is how you can help when you stay at Nordic Choice Hotels

If you’ve stayed at one of our hotels in the past, you may already have helped in the fight against human trafficking. Perhaps you’ve purchased a Sweet Dreams wristband? Maybe you’ve left a Christmas present under a “Lonely Christmas Tree”? If so, we want to thank you! Because it is when we work together that we can truly bring about a change. We hope to see you at one of our hotels or on Facebook!

Update: These many drawings were received

The Sweet Dreams Stay drawing event was a success! In one week, a total of 13 247 drawings were submitted to our hotels! Since we donate 10 NOK per drawing to UNICEF Norway, it amounted to 132 470 NOK to children affected by human trafficking. But it did not stop there. We decided to double that amount and could donate 264,940 NOK to UNICEF! It’s an incredible sum and we want to thank all the children who participated. You are heroes and make a difference!

Quick facts:

  • In 2017, Nordic Choice Hotels is aiming to provide 300,000 safe nights to children in need. We are hoping that 130,000 of these will come from the Sweet Dreams Stay project.
  • If you want to help, please hang the Sweet Dreams Stay sign on your door. This means that your room will not be cleaned and we will donate 10 kronor to UNICEF.
  • From 4-10 September, all children who come to our hotels can draw a picture and donate it. For each drawing donated at a hotel or shared on Facebook, we will give 10 kronor to UNICEF.
  • If you have stayed with us before, you will probably have seen the Green Stay concept at a Clarion Hotel®, which enabled you to forego room cleaning in support of the environment. Green Stay has now been replaced by Sweet Dreams Stay.