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9 popular brunches in Stockholm - for weekdays and weekends

Are you looking for the best Stockholm brunches? Then you have come to the right place. Here you will find everything from Asian, to classic, vegetarian and child-friendly brunches. Of course, we have also squeezed in one or two hipster spots from Södermalm.

Burgers at Kitchen & Tables BBQ Brunch

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1. Sthlm Brunch Club - fluffy pancakes and perfect avocado

Dalagatan 24, Vasastan

Here you will find Stockholm's fluffiest and most Instagram-friendly pancakes. The queue that forms outside every weekend is also an indication of how heavenly they taste. Sthlm Brunch Club offers much more than just pancakes; they have a menu filled with bowls*, bagels, shakes and various dishes with bacon, avocado and nutella. Here you can give yourself a nice laid-back start to the day, or the evening… Sthlm Brunch Club serves brunch all day long. The menu also offers many vegan options and makes it easy for the guest to see what the dishes contain. Thumbs up! As with most brunch places, you cannot book a table here, so if you want to avoid the worst of the queues you should show up just before they open or later in the afternoon.

Sthlm Brunch Club Two photos from Sthlm Brunch Clubs Instagram - look at the account for more pictures that will make your stomach growl.

2. Kitchen & Table Norrmalm - BBQ brunch in American style

Östra Järnvägsgatan 35, Norrmalm

Backyard BBQ Brunch is the American-style brunch that you can find at the restaurant Kitchen & Table Norrmalm. The restaurant is located at Clarion Hotel Sign and the brunch is in a class of its own. Here, flavours from Manhattan are mixed with Nordic ingredients. The popular brunch is served with, among other things, charcuteries, salads, ribs, and beer can chicken. And of course, a wicked dessert table. Here you need to plan your visit in advance and book a table because the brunch often gets fully booked.

BBQ Brunch at Clarion Hotel SignOne of the buffet's delicious options from the grill.

3. Fotografiska - brunch with a focus on the plant kingdom

Stadsgårdshamnen 22, Södermalm

This is a brunch for climate activists, art lovers, vegetarians and ... ordinary food enthusiasts. Yes – it actually suits most people. The brunch at Fotografiska has a big focus on green food, both through organic ingredients and many vegetarian and vegan alternatives. The food is well composed and clearly cooked with love. Of course it is the food that attracts most visitors to the brunch, but the beautiful view of Stockholm's inlet and the Old Town is also enticing. These two factors, together with the inclusion of the photo exhibitions, explain why this brunch is so popular.

4. Greasy Spoon – open all year round!

Tjärhovsgatan 19, Södermalm
Hagagatan 4, Odenplan

The popular brunch restaurants called Greasy Spoon can be found at Södermalm and at Odenplan. Here, breakfast and brunch are served every day – even on bank holidays. Here you can enjoy an exciting brunch in modern premises. The menu consists of healthy, tasty, and filling dishes such as banana bread, chia pudding, eggs benedict, and more. Hot tip: come hungry!

5. Mister French - wallow in oysters and sweet desserts

Tullhus 2, Skeppsbrokajen, Gamla stan

Every Saturday and Sunday between 11.30am – 4pm a graceful seafood brunch is served at Mister French, which is located in one of the Tullhusen on Skeppsbron. Here you can enjoy both exotic and traditional French flavors. Together with an incredible view of Stockholm's inlet and Saltsjön. In addition to fresh seafood, fresh salads and drinks are served as well as hot dishes from the grill.

Fresh oysters Oysters are just one of all the delicacies you can revel in!

6. Berns Asiatiska - luxurious brunch in magical setting

Berzelii park 9, Östermalm

The Asian food culture is extremely varied, so Berns are certainly promising a lot by describing their brunch as Asian. But they do so quite rightly. Bern's Asian brunch offers dishes from many parts of Asia. The biggest focus is on Japan and its sushi – this is also one of the highlights of the buffet. Along with the magnificent premises with crystal chandeliers and its breathtakingly high ceiling. If you are looking for a place where you can sit and brunch for hours – this is the place. A beautiful environment and top-class service make this one of our favourite places. The price means that you might not be eating brunch here every weekend, but it is well worth a visit from time to time!

7. Boulebar - Combine brunch with a game of boules

Hantverkargatan 8, Kungsholmen
Liljeholmsvägen 14, Liljeholmen

It’s hard to find a better weekend activity! Good food + 90 minutes bowling, all at a very reasonable price. Le Brunch, as the French-inspired brunch at the boules bar is called, is popular with both groups of friends and families. And here, everyone is welcome. So warm up your wrists and book your boules brunch here.

Brunch Boule Bar LiljeholmenBoules is a sport that suits everyone. Bring your friends, family or your date for brunch and a few rounds of boules.

8. Pom & Flora – Breakfast all day

Bondegatan 64, Södermalm
Odengatan 39, Vasastan

Looking for a fresh and modern breakfast alternative at a great price? Then you should visit Pom & Flora, either in Vasastan or in Södermalm. The restaurants both have a lovely relaxed atmosphere, and the food ... mmm! With simple and really good ingredients, delicious and healthy food is created with a focus on berries, nuts, and fruits in different varieties of bowls*. If you get a taste for this sort of thing and want to start making yourself more luxurious breakfasts at home then you can also buy their cookbook, “Frukost hela dagen” (Lit. “Breakfast all day”).

9. Clarion Hotel Stockholm - Child-friendly brunch at Södermalm

Ringvägen 98, Södermalm

Every Saturday and Sunday, the Clarion Hotel Stockholm lays the table for its popular brunch which includes homemade mini-burgers, salads, cold cuts and a generous dessert buffet. A classic brunch that is very popular with larger parties, such as families, birthday parties, stag parties or hen nights, because the premises are of the more spacious kind. For smaller family members with a little too much bounce in them, there is also a play corner where they can enjoy themselves while the rest of the family enjoy the food in peace and quiet. Brunch at Clarion Hotel Stockholm

What the heck is a “bowl”? For those who have not yet discovered this trend, a bowl is something as simple as a dish served in a bowl ... The contents are usually some kind of smoothie, porridge, salad, or yogurt. With moderate, beautiful and colourful toppings that make the otherwise fairly grey contents Instagram-friendly.

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