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3 course dinner, overnight stay and breakfast? Yes please!

Your calendar is chock-a-block and you don't have the time or energy to travel far for a break. Why not take the time to explore your own city - or a lovely nearby town - and treat yourself to a hotel stay with a 3-course dinner & breakfast at an affordable price? When you wake refreshed, you could spring from your bed and make your way to work, but perhaps a lazy morning beckons instead?

Hotel dinner

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3-course dinner, overnight stay and breakfast

Sightseeing in your home town is highly underrated. We often think of travelling further afield when we plan our holidays, often overlooking the sights and sounds on our very doorstep! As an resident of Oslo, you may have seen Sinnataggen, but have you seen Korketrekkeren? If you live in Stockholm, you've probably been to the Old Town but perhaps you've not been on the ghost walk or a historical tour? And have you visited all the amazing restaurants in Nyhavn in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen, boats in Nyhavn_16_9Picturesque Nyhavn i Copenhagen is always well-worth a visit.

Relax, drink, eat

There are hidden gems in every city, and you're only a keystroke away from a wonderful, well-earned adventure. Bring your friends along for a bracing winter swim in the Oslofjord or exciting ice skating in Oslo's "Spikersuppa", before freshening up in your rooms and heading out to enjoy a drink together with a 3-course dinner prepared by the hotel's restaurant. Or enjoy the same experiences in Gothenburg, Bergen, Helsinki...

Ice skating 2_16_9How about ice-skating at Oslo's Spikersuppa before checking in to your hotel room?

"Chat and drink into the small hours, before you retire to your hotel room, snuggle under the cosy duvet and lay your head down on the comfy pillows, for a deep and refreshing sleep like no other. ​ When you wake with a spring in your step (or dozy after a night of fun) you can enjoy a delicious hotel breakfast (which are the best!) ​"

We'll recharge your batteries

"There is absolutely no pressure to do anything exciting when you arrive, you can just check into your hotel, plonk your bags down and relax. ​ Maybe it's been a long time since you and your partner have done something special together - the kids, maintaining a home, your veggie patch or your curling team at work have consumed all your free time. ​ You need time and space for yourselves - together. ​ For busy lives, what could be better than relaxing for 24 hours in a hotel with a 3-course dinner, an overnight stay and breakfast? ​ Let us wash away the cares of the world with everything we can offer you."

Standard double room hotel At Six_16_9How about a stay At Six in Stockholm?

Don't delay, make your booking before April 16!

"Why not bring the whole family along for a break? Hotels allow your family the space to unwind, unlocking that 'zen mode' that our busy lives at home can prevent, enabling us to reconnect without the cares of the world interfering. ​ Take out your calendar, notebook or mobile phone planner and pencil in a suitable time for a proper break. ​ Just remember that your hotel stay must take place before 16 April 2023. ​ You can always find an opening in your busy schedule by then, can't you? ​"

Dinner winter - CL Amaranten brunch_16_9Sometimes it's nice to just sit back, and relax, and let someone else cook your dinner.

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3-course dinner, overnight stay and breakfast


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