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Work at Nordic Choice Hotels

Diversity and integration

The hotel industry is a diverse business. The majority of our employees – and managers – are women. One in four employees are of non-Scandinavian origin.

Integration is a vital challenge in Scandinavian society. However, diversity is also a strength that offers opportunities. 26 % of our staff is of non-Scandinavian origin. In this group you will find many different nationalities and languages. We have room for more and we work continuously to elevate more of them to management positions. 61 % of our permanent staff are women. 63 % of our managers are women. Meet some of our employees


Refugees at work

Through the local councils’ introductory programmes for newly arrived refugees, we offer in-service training at our hotels. We offer a variety of positions and also include refugees with limited language skills, education and work experience. We are now preparing to offer such opportunities at all our hotels in Norway and Sweden.

Quality Hotel 33 at Økern was the first pilot hotel to coperate with The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV), and the introductory programme in the Grünerløkka division. Ali Hassan Dhiisow (Somalia), Frewini Teclemariam (Eritrea), Sheama A. Abdullatif (Iraq) and Kaltoum Idriss Ahmed (Djibouti) have received valuable work training, under the competent and caring supervision of Housekeeping Manager, Ana Rita Årdal. During their trainee period, the candidates have shown impressive enthusiasm and worked towards their goal of getting a permanent job at the hotel.


Ample in-house opportunities

We are working continuously to increase the number of department managers of non-Scandinavian origin. Since the autumn of 2012, we have conducted courses in order to enhance the basic knowledge of potential managers. Our courses are supported by VOX (National Government), and our goal is to present opportunities to more of our ‘stars’. Today, 8.7 % of our mid-level managers are of non-Scandinavian origin. Our goal is to increase this number. 23


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