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CSR in Nordic Choice Hotels

Less Meat

Nordic Choice Hotels shall serve less red meat to contribute to healthier guests, a better environment and less climate change.

Mindre kjøtt gir bedre miljøIn both Norway and Sweden government recommend a reduced consumption of red meat. By red meat why mean beef, pork, sheep and goat.

Why less red meat is good for the environment?

  • The modern meat industry contributes largely to the world's environmental and climate related challenges. The meat industry is responsible for 18 % of today's pollution. That is more than the entire world's transportation industry.
  • To lessen your consumption of red meat is one of the best ways to contribute to prevent climate changes on a personal level, according to the United Nations panel on climate changes (IPCC).

Why less meat is good for your health?

  • Science show that 500 grams of red meat per week increases the risk for cancer, which is far less than most people in the western world eat. 
  • A high consumption of red meat increases the risk of obesity.
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