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CSR in Nordic Choice Hotels

Green food

We will serve more fruits and vegetables since because of its positive effects on our health, the environment and the climate.

Mer frukt og grønt

Nordic Choice Hotels follow the Swedish and Norwegian governmental diet advices. They both advice that our diet "mainly should be based on plants" and "contain a lot of vegetables, fruits, berries, whole grains and fish and only limited amounts of red meat, sugar, salt and energy rich products".

More fruits and vegetables are positive for our health because …

  • Most Scandinavians (80 – 90 %) eat less than the recommended amounts. 
  • Health science confirm that a diet of more vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts and soy products reduces the risk for heart and vascular diseases, cancer and obesity. 

The climate benefits from more vegetables instead of red meat because …

  • Meat production causes more climate emissions for every kilo produced meat than every kilo vegetables. One kilo of beef causes 75 times climate emissions compared to one kilo potatoes. 

We need to eat more vegetables instead of meat because …

  • In 2050 the world population will have increased by 9 billion. To feed everyone we will have to double our food production in only 40 years while decreasing the climate emissions by 50 to 80 %. 
  • By using more of the agricultural areas in the world for vegetables instead of meat production, we can get more calories from every square meter. 90 percent of the energy in the food is lost in meat productiono compared to when growing crops that we can eat ourselves.
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