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Samfunnsansvar hos Nordic Choice Hotels

Animal welfare

In cooperation with WWF and The Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance, we developed our own guidelines for the purchase of fish, shellfish and meat. This ‘shopping guide’ explains what our 170 hotels should avoid.

As a major hotel chain with many restaurants, we want to take charge over the food on offer. This way we avoid putting further pressure on endangered species or supporting environmentally harmful production. The guidelines explain what our hotels should avoid serving our guests.

Our hotels should avoid certain products

The background for our so-called ‘Red List’ is the fact that a lot of food is produced in ways that harm the environment or provide unsatisfactory animal welfare. Endangered species are also on the list. We want to be clear about what food products should be avoided, in order to avoid an increase in their demand.

The ‘Red List’ is updated annually, based on input from WWF, The Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance, The Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre and The Swedish Species Information Centre.


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