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CSR in Nordic Choice Hotels


Social and Environmental responsibility

In Nordic Choice we aim high with lots of engagement. We do'nt meassure success merely in money, but also in environmental impact and social responsibility.

  • Environmental commitment

    We want to reduce our ecological footprint

  • Diversity and integration

    We are proud to be a culturally diverse enterprise

  • Sustainable food

    Healthy and sustainable food is essential to creating profits


    Read about our new project Free to Grow

The Rainforrest foundation

For every guest night at our hotels, we help the Rain Forrest Foundation protect 100 m2 rain forrest for one year. Ever since our cooperation started, we protect more rain forrest every year than the year before.

To be a good neighbour

With 10 000 motivated employees, we can make a difference. The hotels should be responsible and a good neighbour. Read about the hotel's commitments in their local area.

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