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Stenungsbaden Yacht Club


Nowhere does food taste any better than by the sea. Tastes buds open wide, appetites are whetted and the gentle chop of the waves infects you with culinary desires.

Furthermore, after a day at sea, plates simply have to be fuller than after a day in the office. Because the sea rocks Kookaburra, our quayside summer restaurant, it is particularly appropriate that it should serve fresh crayfish, hot salsas and ridiculously fresh fish.

A little sustenance is probably required if you are going on to the nightclub a few hours later. Our other restaurant, New Sweden, serves excellent food every day of the week. The decor may be inspired by the American east coast, but the sea view is 100% Swedish west coast. The restaurant’s proximity to the sea is apparent even in the menu with its clear, but not exclusive, focus on fish, prawn and lobster.

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