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Stenungsbaden Yacht Club


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Conferences at Stenungsbaden Yacht Club benefit from more than just modern well-equipped facilities. Highly inspirational surroundings and a considerable range of activities add that little extra edge.


Are you looking for exhibition space - indoors or out? Is there a particular speaker you would like, technology that surpasses the ordinary or perhaps the Kookaburra Restaurant all to yourselves? Then you have come to the right place! 

Conference rooms

We have 24 conference rooms, for everything from a small room for just a couple of participants up to 450 in one room. 

Villa JC Stevens

Villa JC Stevens is where you come when you want to have a whole house entirely to yourself. The villa offers 12 rooms and can accommodate 14 overnight guests, each with a uniquely furnished room. When you are here, everything is included. From breakfast to dinner and everything in between. Obviously, this takes in lunch, refreshments and an open bar. All of this is provided quite simply because we believe conferences and social get-togethers go better when the participants feel relaxed. Just as if you are at home.


For those who want to challenge themselves, or each other, or to build team spirit, or simply to burn off energy, we have some forty activities to choose from. A few are purely physical; others test your grey cells or your ability to work as part of a group. Common to all of them is that they usually lead to infectious laughter. 24


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