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Nordic Choice Club

5. Qualifying for different card levels

5.1. Nordic Choice Club has four card levels: BLUE, SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM. The card level is determined by the number of qualifying nights a member spends at Nordic Choice Hotels in the Nordic and Baltic countries during the course the member’s 12-month member period.

5.2. One qualifying night is equivalent to one overnight stay for which bonus points are awarded. Special discounted rates such as, but not limited to, bus tours and crew rates are equivalent to 0.5 qualifying nights at our hotels in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

5.3. Qualifying nights are not calculated for overnight stays paid for with bonus points or for “complimentary” rooms.

5.4. Qualification for a higher card level occurs in accordance with the following regulations:

SILVER – 5 qualifying nights in the 12-month member period

GOLD – 30 qualifying nights in the 12-month member period

PLATINUM – 60 qualifying nights in the 12-month member period

5.5. In the course of a member period, members may qualify for SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM. There are no qualification requirements for BLUE. Members who are promoted to a higher level will retain this level for all of the next member period (the subsequent 12 months). The sum of the qualifying nights shall revert to zero at the end of the member period. This will not affect the redeemable bonus points.

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