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Nordic Choice Club

3. Earning bonus points

These membership terms and conditions apply to all members from and including 16 December 2014 and, from that date, they will replace all previously applicable membership terms and conditions.

3. Earning bonus points

1. One bonus point is awarded for each krone spent for overnight stays including breakfast and also for any extra beds at Nordic Choice hotels in the Nordic and Baltic countries. No bonus points will be awarded for stays at Aronsborgs Conference Hotel. Separate calculation of bonus points applies to package deals and special rates, etc. (see points 5 and 6). No bonus points will be awarded on booked but not checked in hotel stays, i.e. "no-show". 

2. One bonus point is awarded for each krone spent in hotel restaurants (food only) during stays at the Clarion Hotel, Quality Hotel, Quality Resort or Nordic Hotels & Resortsin Norway and Denmark (max. 4,000 bonus points per stay). A stay here means that the individual member stays for consecutive nights at the hotel in question.

3. No bonus points are awarded for stays that are paid for with bonus points, nor for those in “complimentary” rooms.

4. Members can earn 750 bonus points per night for overnight stays at Choice hotels outside the Nordic and Baltic countries. To receive these bonus points, however, the member must submit copies of the invoices from the hotel(s) in question to Customer Service for registration. Qualifying nights are not calculated (card level increase) for such stays.

5. No accumulated/total bonus points will be awarded when paying for special events, weddings, dinners, etc., but you will be able to earn bonus points for, and limited to, your stay. If a member’s stay is part of a package deal (conference package, full/half-board stay etc.), where board is not an identifiable part of the total price, members will earn 750 bonus points per night for your own accommodation. 

6. Members can earn 500 bonus points per night for stays in connection with special discounted rates such as, but not limited to, bus tours, crew rates, etc. (Certain exceptions apply to some crew agreements, where bonus points are not awarded.)

7. Members can earn 10 bonus points for every euro spent during stays at any SOKOS hotel run by the Finnish S-Group (Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta). To receive these bonus points, however, the member must present your membership number either on booking or on checking in/checking ouft of the hotel.

8. Bonus points are not awarded or calculated for qualifying nights (membership level increase) for hotel stays at Nordic Choice Hotels and/or Sokos Hotels that are booked through online travel agencies including, but not limited to,,,,,,, etc.

9. An earning period is 12 months calculated from the month of enrolment.

10. Bonus points earned for hotel stays can be registered up to six months after the date of a stay by sending the name of the hotel and the date of your stay to Customer Service. 22


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