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Nordic Choice Club

2. Bonus points

These membership terms and conditions apply to all members from and including 15 March 2012 and, from that date, they will replace all previously applicable membership terms and conditions.

2. Bonus points

1. Bonus points are valid for three years (36 months) from the date on which they were earned. After this time they will automatically become invalid and cannot be used subsequently. On redemption of bonus points, the oldest, valid bonus points will be redeemed first.

2. Bonus points earned and membership numbers are personal and cannot be transferred to other members’ bonus accounts or redeemed for cash.

3. Bonus point earnings are based on the member’s personal transactions. This means that  members will be able to earn bonus points for you hotel stay, regardless of who pays for the accommodation. A member can never earn bonus points for another person’s or another member’s transaction(s). Bonus points are awarded, however, if, in connection with your stay, you book an extra room for family members from within the same household.

4. Double bonus points and extra bonus points are awarded on the basic bonus point rate (i.e. the number of bonus points awarded per night).

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