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Nordic Choice Club

6. Membership benefits

These membership terms and conditions apply to all members from and including 15 December 2014 and, from that date, they will replace all previously applicable membership terms and conditions.

6. Membership benefits

1. For the individual card levels: Different membership benefits apply to BLUE, SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM, so that the higher the card level you achieve, the more benefits you can enjoy.

2. Membership benefits pertaining to the individual card level apply, at all times, as they appear in these membership terms and conditions.

3. At SILVER or GOLD level, you will be able to choose 2 (SILVER) or 3 (GOLD) individual benefits. The benefits selected will not take effect until you next hotel stay and, at the latest, up to 48 hours after you have saved your selection in your personal membership profile on the Nordic Choice Club website. Members at SILVER or GOLD level can also choose not to avail themselves of any of the individual benefits but instead to receive a percentage increase in the bonus points earned at the prevailing percentage rates, see below.

4. The following membership benefits do not apply to Comfort Hotel Xpress: complimentary newspaper, upgrade to the next room category, guaranteed room upgrade, complimentary shirt/blouse laundry, room upgrade when redeeming bonus points and complimentary soft drink from the minibar. 26


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