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Are you thinking about getting a personal loan?

As a member of the Nordic Choice Club, you may apply for a personal loan via our partner Spendwise – it’s all nice and simple, with no origination or administration fees. The offer is currently only available in Sweden.

Any loan you get needs to be financially sustainable for you. So, we give you bonus points every time you pay your monthly installment on time. For each timely monthly installment, regardless of the amount, you receive 834 points, which adds up to 10,008 bonus points per year.

As such, you can renovate your kitchen, buy a new car or finance your next project, for example, while also earning bonus points for your next hotel stay by paying your monthly loan installments on time.

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This Spendwise offer is only available in Sweden to members of the Nordic Choice Club, and applies to loans of between 50,000 SEK and 350,000 SEK.

Important information! If your loan is approved, you will receive an email from Spendwise requesting you to send your Nordic Choice Club membership number via secure email. It is important that you reply to this email, so that we can ensure that you get your bonus points in good time.

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Spendwise is a trademark registered by SEB Kort Bank AB and the loan is issued by SEB Kort Bank AB with a 3.80% - 11.10% variable annual interest rate. Using an example interest rate of 5.10%, the effective interest rate will be 5.23% for an annuity loan of 100,000 SEK spread over 6 years (72 repayments), with an origination fee of 0 SEK. With unchanged interest, the total amount to be paid would be 116,290 SEK. This would mean a monthly cost of 1,615 SEK (August 2021).

Spendwise - Dad and son applying for financing with Spendwise

Apply for a personal loan with Spendwise

There is no registration og administration fee. Upon paying your installments on time each month you will receive a total of 10 008 Nordic Choice Club bonus points per year!

  • Spendwise - Mother and son applying for loan with Spendwise

    Three things to keep in mind before applying

    Read our three tips to what you need to keep in mind before applying for a private loan.


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