Nordic Choice Club - The easy points


Earn bonus points on bags, watches and accessories!

Need a new travel bag or some great present ideas? Would you like to earn some bonus points during your next shopping trip? For every krona you spend at Rizzo, you’ll get 1 bonus point. Then you can head to our Points Shop, and use your bonus points to buy gift cards for Rizzo travel bags!

Bag in snake print Morris / Rizzo

Earn 1 point per krona spent at Rizzo

As a member of the Nordic Choice Club, you can earn bonus points to purchase lovely bags and accessories.

  • A man walks on the sidewalk with a bag over his shoulder and a suitcase in his hand.

    Convert your bonus points into a bag

    In the Point shop it’s easy to redeem your Nordic Choice Club bonus points for a gift voucher from Rizzo.


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