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Silver Hertz rental car parked by the sea

Rent a car and pay with bonus points

Need a car for the weekend? Then use your bonus points for a weekend car rental.

Use your bonus points as payment when you order a car for the weekend in Norway, Sweden, Denmark (does not apply for Finland). See below for terms and conditions of the special offer.

Rental car categories for payment with bonus points Points price
Weekend (Fri 12 noon - Mon 9am) Cat A (only in Danmark) 25.000
Weekend (Fri 12 noon - Mon 9am) Cat B 25.000
Weekend (Fri 12 noon - Mon 9am) Cat C 30.000
Weekend (Fri 12 noon - Mon 9am) Cat D (only in Sweden and Norway) 35.000

Category A: Mini (only in Denmark). Example: VW Up

Category B: Economy. Example: Ford Fiesta, Peugeot 208

Category C: Compact. Example: VW Golf, Ford Focus

Category D: Mid-range (only in Sweden and Norway). Example: Volvo V40

How to rent a car and pay with bonus points

  1. Contact Nordic Choice Customer service, telephone +46 771-666 700 or email:

  2. Nordic Choice Club will issue a voucher valid for 12 months and deduct the points from your membership card. In order to issue the voucher, the bonus points must be valid for at least a year. Purchased vouchers cannot be replaced if lost and they cannot be refunded.

  3. Order your rental car via Hertz bookings and tell them you want to order a bonus car. Hertz Reservation Office Norway +47 21 51 37 00 (Norwegian number applies to all members).

  4. Present the voucher as payment when you pick up the car. You must also bring a valid driving licence and your credit card as security for any extras you may wish to purchase.

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