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Nordic Choice Club - The easy points


Earn bonus points while listening to audiobooks!

As a member of the Nordic Choice Club, you can earn bonus points when you use BookBeat. You’ll receive 1 bonus point for each krona you spend on your BookBeat subscription. New BookBeat subscribers will also receive 3,000 bonus points as as welcome gift!

About BookBeat

  • BookBeat is an app with more than 500,000 audiobooks and ebooks.
  • Select the package that suits you best based on how much you want to listen.
  • With a BookBeats family account, up to five members of your family can share your BookBeat subscription. You only pay 49 kr or €4,90 per month for each additional profile, regardless of which price package you have.
  • You can cancel whenever you like, as BookBeat does not have a minimum subscription period.

With the BookBeat app, you’ll have access to more than 500,000 audiobooks and ebooks directly in your mobile phone or tablet. Take full advantage of the great selection of content including exciting crime novels, feelgood romance, gripping biographies and inspirational books about personal development, economics and business.

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Earn 1 point per krona spent on your BookBeat subscription!

An audiobook is ideal for all those of you who want to lose yourselves in a book, yet lack the time or energy to sit down and read.

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