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1. Personal information

Terms and conditions

1. Membership/General terms and conditions

1.1. The Nordic Choice Club (NCC) is part of Nordic Choice Commercial Services AS (NCCS), Org. Nr. 968 819 372. The membership terms and conditions are an agreement between the members and NCCS.

1.2. Membership of the Nordic Choice Club is personal and only available to persons over the age of 18. The membership and benefits cannot be used by anyone other the individual members.  

1.3. Membership will be confirmed via text message and/or email. Each member has a unique membership number. You can find this number when you are logged in to our website or our app.

1.4. Members are responsible for providing their membership numbers to hotels and partners in order to receive bonus points and benefits.

1.5. In the event of misuse of the membership, bonus points or benefits, the Nordic Choice Club reserves the right to exclude the member(s) in question from the programme. Such misuse may include, but is not limited to, behaviour which is troublesome or shows a lack of respect towards the staff, partners or hotels, criminal actions or actions that are generally regarded to be immoral, unethical or contrary to these membership terms and conditions.

1.6. If a member expects to earn bonus points with the Nordic Choice Club based on accommodation paid by their employer, members are personally responsible for notifying and obtaining consent from their employer in advance. The Nordic Choice Club cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible if a member does not inform and/or does not obtain prior consent from the employer. The Nordic Choice Club generally recommends that members obtain consent from their employer to use bonus points.

1.7. The private use of bonus points earned through work may, in certain jurisdictions, such as Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, be regarded as taxable income. It is the member’s responsibility to inform his/her employer and/or relevant authorities of this, and to pay all applicable taxes and fees resulting from this use. The Nordic Choice Club disclaims all responsibility for taxes or liability to pay taxes that are incumbent on the member in this regard.

1.8. NCCS reserves the right to terminate the Nordic Choice Club with a six-month notice period to members. Any such notice will be sent via email, or will be posted as notification on the Nordic Choice Club website. 

1.9. Should Nordic Choice Club have to be discontinued due to conditions pertaining to a country’s legislation, a court decision or a prohibition by a country’s public authorities, NCCS will not be held responsible for any losses to the individual member that may ensue from this termination. The Nordic Choice Club will, as far as possible, attempt to inform individual members as soon as possible if the circumstances described under this point should arise. Section 1.8 above does not apply in the case of discontinuation in accordance with this regulation

1.10. Members can cancel their membership of the Nordic Choice Club at any time. Cancellation must be made in writing and sent to our customer service department.

Postal address:  Nordic Choice Hotels Customer Service
                           Postboks 2454 Solli
                          NO-0201 Oslo, Norway
Cancellation will take immediate effect from the date on which our Customer Service department receives notice of cancellation.

1.11. Cancellation of membership, on any grounds, means that individuals can no longer use earned bonus points, cf. the requirements regarding active membership when using bonus points, Section 4.1.

1.12. The Nordic Choice Club retains the right, without prior notification to individual members, to change the terms and conditions of its membership programme. Any such changes will be published on the website and will enter into effect 14 days after these changes were announced, unless otherwise stipulated. Members are responsible for keeping informed about any changes to the membership terms and conditions.  

1.13. When changes are made to the membership terms and conditions that require legal consent or approval, the Nordic Choice Club will ask its members for consent or approval. The Nordic Choice Club reserves the right to terminate membership of members who do not provide their consent or approval of the new terms and conditions. Members may terminate their membership agreement if they no longer wish to be tied to the changed terms and conditions.

2. Member communication, consent and processing of personal data

2.1. NCCS will process personal data that is necessary to enable us or participating partners to comply with the agreement concerning the provision of the Nordic Choice Club. The contact information provided by members will be used for communication concerning membership. Further information about the processing of personal data, requirements for transparency, corrections and deletions can be found under our Data Protection Terms & Conditions.

2.2. When signing a membership agreement to join the Nordic CHoice Club, members are requested to consent to receiving information and offers from Nordic Choice Hotels via email. Members must give their consent to this in order to be eligible to join the membership programme. Members are free to withdraw their consent any time.

2.3. If members have provided their consent, the Nordic Choice Club will send information and offers based on former purchases, and the information that members have provided. The Nordic Choice Club can thereby provide a better experience to those who have given their consent.

2.4. Member consent is voluntary and can be changed any time. Consent can be managed under My Page, which can be accessed by logging in to our app or by visiting our website: Members can also provide their consent why contacting our Customer Service department via email at or by phone on +47 22334200.

3. Bonus points

3.1. Bonus points are valid for three years (36 months) from the month in which they were earned. After this time the bonus points will automatically become invalid and cannot be used subsequently. On redemption of bonus points, the oldest, valid bonus points will be redeemed first.

3.2. Bonus points earned and membership numbers are personal and cannot be transferred to other members’ bonus accounts or redeemed for cash.

3.3. Bonus point earnings are based on the member’s personal transactions. This means that members will be able to earn bonus points for his/her own hotel stays, regardless of who pays for the accommodation. A member can never earn bonus points for another person’s or another member’s transaction(s). Bonus points but not qualifying nights, are awarded, however, if, in connection with your stay, you book an extra room for family members from within the same household.  

3.4. Double bonus points and extra bonus points awarded are based on the basic bonus point rate (i.e. the number of bonus points awarded per night).

4. Earning bonus points

4.1. One bonus point is awarded for each krona/krone spent (ten bonus points per Euro spent) on overnight stays including breakfast and for any extra beds at Nordic Choice Hotels in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Bonus points are not awarded for stays at the Aronsborgs Conference Hotel or Losby Gods. Please note there may be other ways of allocating bonus points for package deals and special rates, etc. (see Sections 4.5 and 4.6). Bonus points cannot be claimed on booked but not utilised hotel stays, i.e. "no-shows". Partner points and the Nordic Choice Club points cannot be combined on overnight stays.

4.2. One bonus point is awarded for each krone in hotel restaurants (food only) during stays at the Clarion Hotel®, Quality Hotel™ in Norway and Denmark or at our stand alone hotels. The bill must be charged to the room and paid at check-out and a maximum of 4,000 bonus points per stay will be awarded. A stay is defined as the individual member stay for consecutive nights at the hotel in question. At the Collection hotels within Clarion Hotel® no restaurant bonus points are awarded.

4.3. No bonus points are awarded for stays that are paid for with bonus points (bonus nights), nor for those in “complimentary” rooms.

4.4. Members earn 750 bonus points per night for own overnight stays at Choice hotels outside the Nordic and Baltic countries. To receive these bonus points, the member must submit copies of the invoices from the hotel(s) in question to Nordic Choice Hotels’ customer service for registration.

4.5. No accumulated/total bonus points will be awarded when paying for special events (weddings, dinners, etc.), but the member will be able to earn bonus points for, and limited to, his/hers own stay. If a member’s stay is part of a package deal (conference package, spa package, full/half-board stay etc.), where the board is not an identifiable part of the total price, members will earn 1,000 bonus points per night for your own accommodation.

4.6. Members earn 500 bonus points per night for stays in connection with special discounted rates such as, but not limited to, bus tours, crew rates, etc. Certain exceptions apply.

4.7. Bonus points are not awarded for hotel stays at Nordic Choice Hotels that are booked through online travel agencies including, but not limited to,,,,,,, etc.

4.8. Bonus points earned for hotel stays can be registered up to six months after the date of a stay. Application is done via our website. Please note that this is only possible for stays made from the day a membership commenced.

5. Redeeming bonus points - rates

5.1. To redeem bonus points, members must have sufficient valid bonus points. Bonus nights can be taken up to 11.5 months after the expiry of the bonus points but the reservation of bonus redemption must be done before the bonus points expire. The total cost of the reservation must be covered by bonus points, it is not possible to combine points with other payment types. For cancellations within normal cancellations deadlines, used bonus points can be reverted to the member, assuming that they have not expired. The member should make the reservation of bonus room via My page on our website or via Nordic Choice Hotels’ customer service.

5.2. A certain number of standard rooms in each hotel are allocated to bonus point claims. At certain hotels, there may even be a certain number of rooms in other room categories available for bonus point claims. The booking of bonus nights is subject to availability of rooms allocated to bonus point claim. Even if all bonus rooms are fully booked, there may be free rooms in other price categories.

5.3. “Be my Guest” gift vouchers are valid for a maximum of 12 months and is only valid at the hotels in Nordic Choice Hotels. The validity of the gift card is limited to the validity date of the bonus points. The value of the gift voucher cannot be split across several stays. The gift voucher cannot be used as partial payment for rooms and gift vouchers cannot be combined with other payment types. Gift vouchers validity cannot be extended, nor can their value be reverted to bonus points in a bonus account.

5.4. Extra beds/baby cot can also be booked using points as part of bonus point stays, as long as the respective rooms have capacity to accommodate such beds and the hotel has availability. The bonus point price varies from at different hotels. To pay for an extra bed/baby cot with money instead of points, contact the hotel to add the extra bed/baby cot.

5.5. The following applies for bonus point redemption: Exceptions to the rates quoted above may apply at particular times and during campaigns.

Bonus rooms at Nordic Choice Hotels

Bonus nights apply for two persons including breakfast. Applicable bonus prices and availability at the various hotels can be found on our website by logging in. Members are able to book bonus nights via My page as soon as they have earned at least 7,500 bonus points.

There are 7 categories for bonus point redemption for standard rooms:

Category 1 – 7,500 points per night

Category 2 – 10,000 points per night

Category 3 – 15,000 points per night

Category 4 – 20,000 points per night

Category 5 – 25,000 points per night

Category 6 – 30,000 points per night

Category 7 – 40,000 points per night

Nordic Choice Hotels reserves the right to change the categorisation system at any time.

Restaurant visits at Nordic Choice Hotels

Members may use an even number of 10,000 bonus points to the value of 300 NOK/SEK/DKK to pay for meals at a Nordic Choice Hotels owned restaurant. Please contact the hotel in advance to confirm that it is possible to use points in the restaurant and to reserve a table. No change is given when redeeming bonus points in restaurants.

Donation of bonus points to one of our charity partners.

Members may, via the points shop on our website, donate an even number of 10,000 bonus points to a value of 300 SEK/NOK/DKK to the Nordic Choice Club’s charity partners.

Bonus rooms at selected Choice Hotels in Europe

One bonus night at selected Choice hotels in Europe costs from 10,000 bonus points. An overview of the hotels where this applies and the relevant bonus point costs is published on our website under the Nordic Choice Club’s European page.

Car rental from our partners

Members have the opportunity to rent a car through one of our partners by ordering a voucher which can be used to pay for certain types of car rental. The voucher is available from 25,000 bonus points. For further details about ordering, included partners, rental periods and terms and conditions, please visit Nordic Choice Club's partner websites.

Gift vouchers from selected partners

Once they have earned at least 3,500 bonus points, members can use these points to purchase gift vouchers from selected partners via the points shop on our website.

6. Qualifying for different membership levels

6.1. The Nordic Choice Club has four levels: BLUE, SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM. The membership level is determined by the number of qualifying nights a member spends at Nordic Choice Hotels in the Nordic and Baltic countries or how many points the member collects during the course the member’s member period.

6.2. A membership period last for 12 months from the month that members registered their membership.

6.3. One qualifying night is equivalent to one overnight stay at Nordic Choice Hotels for which bonus points are awarded.

6.4. Qualifying nights are not registered for:

  • Bonus rooms (overnight stays paid for using bonus points)

  • ”Complimentary” rooms (free stays)

  • Overnight stays at Choice hotels outside the Nordics and Baltic region

  • Hotel stays at Nordic Choice Hotels booked via online travel agencies (Online Travel Agency, see Section 4.7)

  • On booked but not used nights, i.e. no-show

6.5. Overnight stays with discounted special rates provide 0.5 qualifying nights.

6.6. Qualification for a higher level occurs in accordance with the following regulations:

SILVER – 5 qualifying nights or 15,000 points during the 12-month member period

GOLD – 30 qualifying nights or 50,000 points during the 12-month member period

PLATINUM – 60 qualifying nights or 100,000 points during the 12-month member period  

LIFETIME GOLD - 500,000 points since membership began

LIFETIME PLATINUM - 1,000,000 points since membership began

6.7. In the course of a member period, members may qualify for SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM. There are no qualification requirements for BLUE. Members who are promoted to a higher level will receive this level straight away during the current period and members retain this level for the next member period (the subsequent 12 months). The calculation of the qualifying nights and bonus points shall revert to zero at the end of the member period. This will not affect the redeemable bonus points.

6.8. The qualification for LIFETIME membership is calculated based on the entire membership time, not per member period. If members reach a LIFETIME, members will retain this as long as they do not terminate their membership. Members who have reached LIFETIME GOLD still have the opportunity to advance to PLATINUM during a member period, or reach the LIFETIME PLATINUM in the future according to the rules outlined above.

7. Membership benefits

7.1. For the individual member levels: Different membership benefits apply to BLUE, SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM. The higher the member level you achieve, the more benefits you can enjoy.

7.2. Membership benefits pertaining to the individual member level apply, at all times, as they appear in these membership terms and conditions.

7.3. The following membership benefits do not apply to Comfort Hotel Xpress: complimentary newspaper, complimentary mineral water, upgrade upon arrival, guaranteed room upgrade, complimentary shirt or blouse laundry.

7.4. Benefits of BLUE membership

7.4.1. Complimentary newspaper when staying at Nordic Choice Hotels in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

7.4.2. Bonus points in line with these terms and conditions.

7.4.3. Membership prices with a 5% discount on bed and breakfast rates for bookings made on our website, via our app, with the hotel or via our Customer Service Department. This discount cannot be combined with other offers or pre-paid bookings. Members must be logged in to claim the discount online. Non-members must sign up at the time of booking in order to process the booking.

7.4.4. When staying at Clarion Hotel®, Quality Hotel™ or our stand alone hotels in Norway or Denmark, members can earn bonus points by dining in the hotel restaurant, cf. the relevant terms and conditions above. No restaurant bonus points are awarded at the Collection hotels within Clarion Hotel®.

7.4.5. When staying at Clarion Hotel®, Quality Hotel™ or our stand alone hotels in Sweden or Finland, members will receive a restaurant voucher to the value of SEK 35 or 4 EUR per night, which may be redeemed for food or beverages in the hotel restaurant (does not apply to spirits or cigarettes). These vouchers can also be used for selected food and drinks from Lounge 24 at Quality Hotel®In Finland the purchase must include food to allow the coupon to be used for alcoholic beverages. These vouchers are personal and only valid for purchases the specified date and cannot be redeemed for cash, no change is given. No restaurant bonus points are awarded at the Collection-hotels within Clarion Hotel®.

7.4.6. Members can earn an extra 10% worth of bonus points by booking via our website or via our app. These additional points are calculated based on the bonus for the room and breakfast rate.

7.4.7. Members can make bookings on our website or via our app without providing a debit/credit card number. The same cancellation terms apply. Bookings must be cancelled if members do not wish to use a room. If members fail to cancel the room in time, they will be billed for the first night. In case of non-payment, we will take action to claim the money.

7.5. Benefits of SILVER membership

7.5.1. All benefits pertaining to BLUE level apply. 

7.5.2. Cancellation deadline extended to 9pm on the day of arrival. This does not apply to prepaid bookings or bookings made via online travel agents including, but not limited to,,,,,,, etc.

7.5.3. Restaurant voucher to the value of SEK 75 or 8 EUR. Other terms and conditions pursuant to 7.4.5.

7.5.4. An extra 10% benefit bonus. These additional points are calculated based on the bonus for the room and breakfast rate.

7.5.5. Late check-out option until 4pm free of charge. To be agreed with the staff at reception on arrival. 

7.6. Benefits of GOLD membership

7.6.1. All BLUE and standard SILVER benefits apply.

7.6.2. A free bottle of mineral water or soft drink from the mini bar per night. If the room has no mini bar, the beverages are available from reception.

7.6.3. Guaranteed room (exceptions apply at certain times) at a destination if the member books, at the latest, 48 hours prior to arrival via Nordic Choice Hotels' customer service at regular price. The room guarantee benefit cannot be combined with contract prices or other discounts. The Nordic Choice Club cannot guarantee room category and upgrades when using this benefit.

7.6.4. Free early check-in option, if the hotel has an available room(s).

7.6.5. Restaurant voucher to the value of SEK 125 or 13 EUR. Other terms and conditions pursuant to 7.4.5.

7.6.6. Late check-out option until 6pm free of charge. To be agreed with the staff at reception on arrival.

7.6.7. Possible upgrade to highest room category if available on arrival. Room category to be determined on arrival. Certain suites at selected hotels are exempt from this provision.

7.6.8. Members are offered status match for President’s Circle with Hertz for a period of three years. Status match can be obtained by contacting Nordic Choice Hotels' customer service.

7.6.9. An extra 20% benefit bonus. These additional points are calculated based on the bonus for the room and breakfast rate.

7.7. Benefits of PLATINUM membership

7.7.1. All BLUE, SILVER and GOLD benefits apply for our PLATINUM members.

7.7.2. Restaurant voucher to the value of SEK 125 or 13 EUR. Other terms and conditions pursuant to 7.4.5.

7.7.3. Guaranteed room (exceptions apply at certain times) at a destination if the member books, at the latest, 24 hours prior to your arrival via Nordic Choice Hotels' customer service at regular price. The room guarantee benefit cannot be combined with contract prices or other discounts. The Nordic Choice Club cannot guarantee room category and upgrades when using this benefit.

7.7.4. Complimentary laundry of a shirt or blouse (one per stay). Note that the time by which laundry must be dropped off varies between the hotels.

7.7.5. Guaranteed room category upgrade one level. This applies if the hotel has more than one room category.

7.7.6. Guaranteed late check-out up to 6pm Must be agreed with staff at reception prior to the normal checkout time.

7.7.7. If the hotel has standard double rooms available, PLATINUM members can use bonus points whenever it suits them member. This only applies when the members make the booking themselves and cannot be used by others. Does not apply when using the 24/48-hour guarantee and excludes the benefits about guaranteed and possible upgrade.

7.7.8. Complimentary fitness at those of our hotels that are equipped with fitness facilities, including in cases where the member is not staying at the hotel. Show your PLATINUM level in app or state your membership number for admission to the fitness facilities. Note that not all hotels offer changing rooms and showers for use after exercise.

7.7.9. An extra 30% benefit bonus. These additional points are calculated based on the bonus for the room and breakfast rate.

8. Nordic Choice Club Mastercard

8.1. If members apply for and receive a Nordic Choice Club Mastercard, the membership number will be detailed on the card.

8.2. Separate regulations, terms and conditions apply to Nordic Choice Club Mastercard. These terms and conditions will be sent along with the member’s first Nordic Choice Club Mastercard. Information about rules and benefits linked to Mastercard and a link to updated terms and conditions will always be published on the Nordic Choice Club website.

9. Nordic Choice Commercial Services and member responsibility

9.1 Nordic Choice Commercial Services AS (NCCS) is only responsible for any financial losses relating to membership in the Nordic Choice Club if NCCS has been negligent and is the reason for your financial loss.

9.2. NCCS will in accordance to general legal provisions be able to hold you accountable for misuse of membership or membership cards that violate these terms and conditions.

10. Transferring your membership agreement in the Nordic Choice Club

10.1 NCCS has the right to transfer your membership agreement in the Nordic Choice Club to another company that will continue to operate the Nordic Choice Club.

11. Disputes and legal venue

11.1 In the event of disputes regarding the applicable membership terms and conditions, Norwegian law will apply.

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