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1. Personal information

Terms and conditions

These membership terms and conditions apply to all members from and including 15 March 2012 and, from that date, they will replace all previously applicable membership terms and conditions.

1. Membership/General terms and conditions

1. Membership of Nordic Choice Club is personal and is only available to persons over the age of 18. Membership benefits cannot be used by anyone apart from the individual member.

2. Members must consent to and accept registration and processing by Nordic Choice Club of personal information in accordance with prevailing legislation and these membership terms and conditions. Nordic Choice Commercial Services AS is responsible for processing personal information, which a member agrees to provide. This information, as well as purchase and bonus redemption information, may be used by Nordic Choice Hotels and participating businesses to administer Nordic Choice Club, including storage and calculation of your bonus points. Members’ postal address, e-mail address and mobile number may be used to send you information and offers within the framework of prevailing Norwegian, Swedish and Danish laws and regulations.

3. Members have the right to inspect or correct own personal information. Members can withdraw consent for allowing Nordic Choice Commercial Services AS to register and process own personal information. Withdrawal of consent will be treated as termination of membership of Nordic Choice Club, cf. chapter 1.10.

4. A membership card will be issued as proof of membership. In order to register bonus points and to receive personal benefits, members are personally responsible for presenting their membership card or providing membership numbers at our hotels. The membership card must be signed by the cardholder.

5. In the event of misuse of a membership card or bonus programme, Nordic Choice Club reserves the right to exclude the member(s) in question from the programme. Such misuse may include, but is not limited to, behaviour, which is troublesome or shows a lack of respect towards the staff, partners or hotels, criminal actions or actions, which are generally perceived to be immoral, unethical or contrary to these membership terms and conditions.

6. If a member expects to earn bonus points with Nordic Choice Club based on accommodation paid by your employer, members are personally responsible for notifying and obtaining consent from their employer in advance. Nordic Choice Club cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible if a member does not inform and/or obtain prior consent from the employer. Nordic Choice Club generally recommends that members obtain consent from their employer to use bonus points.

7. Private use of bonus points that have been earned in a work connection may, in certain jurisdictions, such as Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, be regarded as taxable income. It is the member’s responsibility to inform his/her employer and/or relevant authorities of this and to pay all applicable taxes and fees resulting from this use. Nordic Choice Club disclaims all responsibility for taxes or liability to pay taxes, which are incumbent on the member in this regard.

8. Nordic Choice Hotels reserve the right to wind up Nordic Choice Club with a six-month notice period to members. Any such notice will be sent by e-mail, or there will be a notice on the Nordic Choice Club website.

9. Should Nordic Choice Club have to be discontinued due to conditions pertaining to a country’s legislation, a court decision or a prohibition by a country’s public authorities, Nordic Choice Hotels will not be responsible for any losses to the individual member, which may ensue from this winding-up. Nordic Choice Club will, as far as possible, attempt to inform the individual member quickly if circumstances described under this point, should arise. Point 8 above does not apply in the case of discontinuation in accordance with this regulation.

10. Members can cancel your membership of Nordic Choice Club at any time. Cancellation should be made in writing and sent to Nordic Choice Club:
Postal address: Nordic Choice Kundeservice
            Postboks 2454 Solli
            NO-0201 Oslo, Norway

Cancellation will take immediate effect from the date on which Nordic Choice Club receives notice of cancellation. Cancellation of membership means that you can no longer use earned bonus points, cf. the requirements regarding active membership when using bonus points. (paragraph saknas)

11. Nordic Choice Club is free to unilaterally change membership terms and conditions without giving further notice to the individual member. Such changes will, unless otherwise stated, take immediate effect. Nordic Choice Club will publish changes to the terms and conditions on its website, but members are responsible for keeping themselves updated in relation to any changes to the terms and conditions.

12. The membership terms and conditions published on the Nordic Choice Clubs website are to be considered the applicable membership terms and conditions for Nordic Choice Club.

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