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Nordic Choice Club

Hotels in UK

Stay in England. Pay with bonus points!

Hotell i London

To stay at one of our hotels in Europe cost between 10,000 and 50,000 bonus points.
Booking via Customer Service by email to choiceclub@choice.no or by phone: (+47) 22 33 42 00. Use your bonus points at the following Britsih Choice hotels: 

Karta England1. London

Comfort Inn Vauxhall
30,000 bonus points

Quality Hotel Maitrise, Maida Vale
30,000 bonus points

Comfort Inn Edgware Road W2
30,000 bonus points

2. Andover
Quality Hotel Andover
30,000 bonus points during week days and 20,000 bonus points during weekends

3. Arundel
Comfort Inn Arundel
20,000 bonus points

4. Belper
Clarion Collection Hotel Makeney Hall
20,000 bonus points  

5. Birmingham
Comfort Inn Birmingham
30,000 bonus points

Quality Hotel Birmingham
20,000 bonus points

6. Boldon
Quality Hotel Boldon
30,000 bonus points

7. Bury St Edmunds
Quality Hotel Bury St Edmunds
10,000 bonus points

8. Colchester
Quality Hotel Colchester
10,000 bonus points

9. Coventry
Quality Hotel Coventry
30,000 bonus points during week days and 20,000 bonus points during weekends

10. Croydon
Clarion Collection Croydon Park Hotel
30,000 bonus points

11. Enfield
Comfort Hotel Enfield
20,000 bonus points

12. Finchley
Comfort Hotel Finchley
20,000 bonus points

13. Great Yarmouth

Comfort Hotel Great Yarmouth
20,000 bonus points

14. Kings Lynn
Quality Hotel Kings Lynn
10,000 bonus points

15. Leeds
Quality Hotel Leeds-Selby
20,000 bonus points 

16. Luton
Comfort Hotel Luton
30,000 bonus points for executive family room and 20,000 bonus points for executive double room

17. Peterborough
Quality Hotel Peterborough
10,000 bonus points  

Quality Hotel Plymouth
20,000 bonus points

18. Ramsgate
Comfort Inn Ramsgate
20,000 bonus points

19. Reading

Comfort Hotel Reading West
20,000 bonus points

Quality Hotel Reading
30,000 bonuspoints during week days and 20,000 bonus points during weekends

20. St Albans
Quality Hotel St. Albans
20,000 bonus points

21. Stevenage
Clarion Collection Hotel Cromwell Stevenage
10,000 bonus points

22. Stoke on Trent
Quality Hotel Stoke
20,0000 bonus points

23. Wembley, London
Quality Hotel Wembley
30,000 bonus points

24. Winchester
Winchester Royal Clarion Collection Hotel
30,000 bonus points

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