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Nordic Choice Club

Rent a car from Avis

Rent a car from Avis in Norway, Sweden or Denmark and pay with your earned bonus points. The car can be used from Friday at 12 noon until Monday at 10am. Mileage, collision and theft insurance, plus VAT, are included in the rate.

Rent a car from Avis

Use your earned bonus points for weekend car rental in Norway, Sweden or Denmark for the following bonus prices:

  1. Vehicle group A (Nissan Micra or similar): 25,000 bonus points
  2. Vehicle group C (Peugeot 308 or similar): 30,000 bonus points
  3. Vehicle group H (Ford Mondeo Stv or similar): 35,000 bonus points
    In Denmark, replaced by vehicle group G (VW Golf Stv or similar)

This is what you do to rent a car with bonus points:

  1. Contact Nordic Choice Customer service, telephone +46 771-666 700 or email:
  2. Specify the vehicle group you are interested in. Nordic Choice Club will issue a voucher valid for twelve months which you can redeem for a rental car. The equivalent number of bonus points are deducted from your membership account. The voucher will be sent out by post and the order should be placed at least 7 days before the planned use. Please note that in order for a voucher to be issued, the bonus points must be valid for at least a year.
  3. Contact the Avis booking centre, telephone number +46 770-82 00 82 to order your car.
  4. When you pick up the car, simply pay with your voucher
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