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Can I book one of several consecutive nights with bonus points?

Yes, you can pay for one night with points and the other using a standard payment method. You will, however, need to make two separate bookings. Book the night you wish to pay for using points first, and then pay as normal.

What to do

  1. Choose the price category "Bonus points" when you book your bonus night. This price category is only displayed when you are logged in. Complete your booking.

  2. Time for your next booking. Choose the date (or dates) afterwards. Choose the room type and book with another room type. Both direct payments and later payments are acceptable, as long as you pay for the night (or nights) with money and not with bonus points.

  3. Once you have completed both bookings, please contact the hotel and let them know you want your two bookings to be combined as one continuous stay. That way you can stay in the same room for the entire stay.

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