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Independent hotels

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19 hotels match your search

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Unique experiences

The facilities at our independent hotels are like no other. Choose between spa experiences, mountain wonderlands and bustling cities during your conference, meeting or event.

Are you looking for a venue unlike any other? Welcome to our unique range of independent hotels. These gems offer wonderful facilities, all to create a truly memorable experience. Enjoy all kinds of different surroundings - mountain magic, luxurious spa time or city breaks with stunning interior design.  

Amazing hotels across the Nordic region

Our independent hotels are located all over the Nordic region, both in main cities and in wonderful natural surroundings in stunning locations. With a varied range of hotels, it can be hard to summarise what they really have in common. But what all guests can look forward to is first-class service, amazing conference rooms and incredible dining experiences. Welcome to our independent hotels!

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19 hotels match your search
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