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Comfort Hotel Grand Central


Good hotels at good locations at a good price. We could simply leave it at that, but we're not gonna. Urban, accessible, contemporary, low profile, high efficiency, all wrapped together in a sweet deal. You'll get everything you need, and we've skipped some of the stuff you don't need. Simple, but far from plain.


We invite you to Oslo's coolest hotel - Comfort Hotel Grand Central. The hotel has an exceptional location in Oslo's central station - in the middle of recently reopened Østbanehallen "Ø", filled with food, cafés and people. Combine this with modern art and interior: This is your easy hotel choice for a fun weekend in Norway's capital. 

Unique rooms

Once in your room the only sound you will hear will be the faint hum of the air-conditioning. We have 170 rooms. And 113 of these are unique. Many enjoy views of the opera house or Oslo's bustling main shopping district. Some are inspired by the compact studio apartments of Williamsburg, while others have protected historical significance and many a story to tell. Interior designer Lars Helling describes the look he has created as "industrial shabby chic". 

Free breakfast

We'll treat you to a free breakfast in our restaurant where you can enjoy our homemade strawberry jam and fresh bread. Enjoy the food while you imagine the bustling railway concourse in 1854: travelers hugging their loved ones, children smiling and laughing from the train windows, and steam trains snorting into life. 

24 hours a day gym

Whether it's early in the morning or later in the day, many of our guests enjoy working out. Our training suite is compact, but very well equipped. And it's open 24/7, so you can go at it whenever you like.

Two minutes to the airport express train

We tell our guests that they save an hour by staying so close to the airport express. That's an hour you can spend however you like. A workout? A beer with an old friend? Or perhaps you'll make an earlier plane so that you can kiss your children goodnight. It's up to you.

New Østbanehallen - "Ø"

Lately, a lot has happened in Østbanehallen, the part of Oslo’s central station located closest to Comfort Hotel Grand Central. February 5th 2015, brand new "Ø" opened, with lots of exiting stores, restaurants and cafés. The hotel is therefor surrounded by tasty food and coffee, locally brewed beer, small shops and a foodmarket of no less than 500 sq.m. Can it get any better than this? The hotel`s main entrance is inside Østbanehallen.

If you are looking for an elegant and efficient hotel in exiting surroundings, Comfort Hotel Grand Central is the easy choice. 23


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