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Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport

Living Room

Opening hours

Every day: 4pm – 12 midnight

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Clarion loves music

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The Living Room — a great place to hang out. On the sofa with friends, family or colleagues. Play a board game, grab a cup of coffee - it's free, relax with a glass of wine, read the paper, watch TV or get some work done while you're waiting for your flight. You're always welcome here.

A living lounge and meeting point

It's not about world-famous designs, stylish paintings or even great music. A truly great lounge or meeting place is all about people. It's the people who create a vibrant atmosphere, they're the ones hoping to turn an ordinary weekday evening into an incredible experience. That's the feeling we're trying to convey in our Living Room.

Mi casa su casa

We want Living Room to be an inspiring place where you come into contact with art, music, design and of course, other people. We want our Living Room to be a place for inspiration, with art, music, design and, not least, other people.

After-work drinks every Friday after payday

Don't miss our After-work drinks, every Friday after payday. Great atmosphere, great people and discounted prices at the bar. Check our What's On calendar for dates.

Live music every Wednesday and Friday

"Live Tonight" is our chill-out event where different artists set the mood every Wednesday and Friday.

A warm welcome to Clarion Living Room! 21


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