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Lonely Christmas Tree

We want to make Christmas magical for as many children as possible. Help us collect Christmas presents for those in need in your community. Give children a better Christmas and leave a Christmas present under the tree at a hotel near you!

Lonely Christmas Tree

60,200 presents and a big sum raised for UNICEF

All throughout December, the Nordics were brimming with festive spirit and the joy of giving! In total, we received 60,200 presents placed under more than 190 Christmas trees, thereby spreading a little joy to tens of thousands of children in need. For each present received, Nordic Choice Hotels also donated 10 NOK to UNICEF's Sweet Dreams project that works to combat human trafficking. The Lonely Christmas Tree campaign thereby generated a massive 602,000 NOK for UNICEF!

A big thank you to all those of you who supported the campaign.

This is Lonely Christmas Tree

Christmas is a time full of wonderful traditions. We bake gingerbread biscuits, drink glögg, decorate the tree and spend time with friends and family. But Christmas is not always such a happy time for everyone. And that's why we have a Christmas tradition of our very own here at Nordic Choice Hotels called Lonely Christmas Tree Seeking Gifts. We invite everyone and anyone to donate Christmas presents and place them under the Christmas trees in our hotel lobbies. For each present received, Nordic Choice Hotels will also donate 10 kronor to the Sweet Dreams UNICEF project that seeks to combat human trafficking. 

How to participate

1. Buy a Christmas present. Think about what a child would really like, not something you think a child might need.
2. Wrap the present and write a note roughly describing the age and interests of the kind of child that might be happy to receive it. For example: "Merry Christmas from Pia! (You are about 3-5 years old and LOVE playing outside)" 
3. Visit a hotel near you and place the present under the tree.

The dates during which you can place gifts under our Christmas trees vary from hotel to hotel, but if you want to be sure of finding a decorated tree ready for your gift, then we advise you to pop by between 1-16 December 2018.


Hotelldirektör Helena von Porat

"It's wonderful to see kids giving to kids"

Helena von Porat, General Manager at the Clarion Collection® Hotel Bolinder Munktell, tells us how they spread a bit of Christmas cheer in Eskilstuna.

So, how did you start with the Lonely Christmas Tree campaign?

The Lonely Christmas Tree Seeking Gifts campaign has been a tradition at our hotel for a number of years now. I don't think anyone understood at first just how big it would be come, or just how many would have a better Christmas as a result. It all began when we saw that there was a great desire to do something charitable for those we cherish the most - children. In Eskilstuna, like in many other places around the world, there is a group of people who are not often seen. The ones fighting for survival with their families on a daily basis. We wanted to do something for the children who are easily forgotten, but who are our future just as much as the children we raise ourselves are. 

What happens to the Christmas presents left under your tree? 
We give them to several different organisations including the Church of Sweden, the MOA women's shelter (Kvinnojouren) and the City Mission.

How did it go last year?
It went really well! We received so many presents that we carried on delivering presents after Christmas too, which is amazing! We really hope that there will be a similar level of interest this year.

Do you have any particularly fond memories from previous years? 
As a parent of two young children, it feels particularly wonderful to see nursery groups coming to the hotel. Last year (like so many times before), the lobby was packed with children with twinkling eyes and arms full of presents. This particular nursery group had sold coffee and buns throughout the year to collect money for Christmas presents to be placed under our tree. So, there they were, 25 children aged 3 to 7, singing Christmas carols around the tree. They were so excited to hear the story about the tree, and where their presents would go now. It's impossible not to be moved by this - it's wonderful to see kids giving to kids. 

Share your involvement - help us to collect even more Christmas presents! 

Help us to collect Christmas presents for charity by sharing your involvement with friends and family! Download our badge or add this code to your website:

<a href="" alt="Lonely Christmas Tree badge" title="Lonely Christmas Tree - spread the Christmas magic with Nordic Choice Hotels">

Ensam julgran badge

This is where you'll find your nearest lonely Christmas tree 

There is a lonely Christmas tree in a hotel lobby near you. Click on the map, enter your preferred city in the search field and find a hotel near you! 

The hotels below have already decided which organisations they are going to give their Christmas presents and donations to once the campaign has ended. 


Arlanda/Märsta - Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport - Trygga Barnen
Arlanda/Märsta - Quality Airport Hotel Arlanda - Trygga Barnen
- Clarion Collection Hotel Bristol - Kvinnojouren i Arvika/Eda
- Quality Hotel Bodensia - Children and families in need via social services in Boden Municipality 
Borlänge - Quality Hotel Galaxen - Kvinnojouren, Save the Children, Red Cross, X-Cons and more
Borås - Quality Hotel Grand Borås - Solrosen Borås supporting children and young people with a parent in prison
Bålsta - Aronsborgs Konferenshotell - Children in need in our municipality
Eskilstuna - Clarion Collection Hotel Bolinder Munktell - City Mission, Church of Sweden, MOA women's shelter 
Eskilstuna - Comfort Hotel Eskilstuna - City Mission, Matlaget
Falun - Clarion Collection Hotel Bergmästaren - För Falun i Falun (unaccompanied refugee children)
Gävle - Clarion Hotel Winn - Basket Brigade Gävle
Gothenburg - Clarion Collection Hotel Odin - Stadsmissionen
Gothenburg - Clarion Hotel Post - Faktum's children and grandchildren at the Faktum Christmas Gala
Gothenburg - Comfort Hotel Göteborg - Kvinnojouren in Gothenburg
Gothenburg - Quality Hotel 11 & Eriksbergshallen - Children of single mothers 
Gothenburg - Quality Hotel Panorama Göteborg - The Salvatian Army in Gothenburg
Gothenburg - Quality Hotel Winn, Göteborg - Refugee accomodation
Halmstad - Clarion Collection Hotel Norre Park - Refugee accomodation, Halmstad hospital, social services 
Haninge - Quality Hotel Winn Haninge - Kryckan, Svenska kyrkan
Helsingborg - Clarion Grand Hotel Helsingborg - Julhjälpen Helsingborg
Helsingborg - Comfort Hotel Nouveau - The Salvation Army, Hemlösas hus (helping the homeless)
Jönköping - Clarion Collection Hotel Victoria - The Salvation Army
Jönköping - Comfort Hotel Jönköping - Musikhjälpen radio appeal "Children are not for sale"
Kalmar - Clarion Collection Hotel Packhuset - Christmas celebration at City Mission in Kalmar 
Karlskrona - Clarion Collection Hotel Carlscrona - Svenska kyrkan
Karlstad - Clarion Collection Hotel Bilan - Alla kvinnors hus
Karlstad - Clarion Collection Hotel Drott - Alla kvinnors hus
Karlstad - Clarion Collection Hotel Plaza - Alla kvinnors hus 
Linköping - Clarion Collection Hotel Slottsparken - Stadsmissionen
Linköping - Quality Hotel The Box - Stadsmissionen
Linköping - Quality Hotel Ekoxen - Kvinnojouren Ellinor, Barn i väntan-Barn i start
Luleå - Clarion Hotel Sense - Vilda Kidz
Luleå - Quality Hotel Luleå - Church of Sweden in Luleå
Malmö - Clarion Collection Hotel Temperance - The Salvation Army, Church of Sweden, Karl Werntoft's Memorial Fund (for children who have lost a parent)
Malmö - Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live - Röda Korset, Giving People, Fryshuset,, Jalla Jalla jul till alla och Kvinnojouren i Malmö
Malmö - Quality Hotel View - Giving People
Märsta - Quality Airport Hotel Arlanda - Trygga barnen in Märsta
Norrköping - Comfort Hotel Norrköping - Kvinnojouren in Norrköping
Nyköping - Clarion Collection Hotel Kompaniet - Kvinnojouren, Frälsningsarmén, BUFFF Sörmland, Träffpunkten Nyköping, Asylboenden, Örstignäs gårds Christmas celebration
Oskarshamn - Clarion Collection Hotel Post - Shalom missions julfirande
Sickla/Stockholm - Quality Hotel Nacka - The Salvation Army's women's centre in Akalla
Skövde - Clarion Collection Hotel Majoren - The Salvation Army in Skövde
Skövde - Quality Hotel Prisma - Kvinnohuset in Skövde
Solna - Quality Hotel Friends - Kvinnojouren i Solna, Röda Korset
Stenungsbaden - Stenungsbaden Yacht Club - Pelikanen support group (Church of Sweden in Stenungsund in cooperation with the Stenungsund municipality)
Stockholm - Clarion Collection Hotel Tapto - Stockholms Stadsmission
Stockholm - Clarion Collection Hotel Wellington - Unga Station, Stockholms Stadsmission Skärholmen
Stockholm - Clarion Hotel Amaranten - Barncancerfonden
Stockholm - Clarion Hotel Sign - Unga Station, Stockholm's City Mission
Stockholm - Clarion Hotel Stockholm - Unga Station Söder - Stadsmissionen
Stockholm - Hotel C Stockholm - Stockholm's City Mission
Stockholm - Nordic Light Hotel - Unga Station, Stockholm's City Mission
Stockholm - Quality Hotel Globe - The Salvation Army's women's centre in Akalla, children of single mothers at Fryshuset
Strömstad - Strömstad Spa & Resort - Church of Sweden in Strömstad
Sundsvall - Clarion Collection Hotel Grand Sundsvall - Barnens Guldkant and Sundsvall's congregation
Sundsvall - Quality Hotel Sundsvall - FAVI Integration with a focus on giving presents to newly arrived children in the community
Södertälje - Quality Hotel Park - The Salvation Army in Södertälje
Trollhättan - Clarion Collection Hotel Kung Oscar - Verdandi Trollhättan
Umeå - Clarion Collection Hotel Uman - Julklappshjälpen in Norrland and Kvinnojouren
Uppsala - Clarion Hotel Gillet - Kvinnoboendet Siri, City Mission
Varberg - Clarion Collection Hotel Fregatten - Röda Korset
Visby - Clarion Hotel Wisby - The Salvation Army on Gotland
Vänersborg - Quality Hotel Vänersborg - Verdandi
Västerås - Comfort Hotel Västerås - Svenska Kyrkan
Västerås - Clarion Collection Hotel Etage - The Salvation Army in Västerås
Växjö - Clarion Collection Hotel Cardinal - Kvinnojouren and Röda Korset
Växjö - Quality Hotel Royal Corner - Växjö Diakonicentrum
Örebro - Clarion Collection Hotel Borgen - Verdandi
Örebro - Clarion Hotel Örebro - Giving People
Östersund - Clarion Hotel Grand Östersund - Svenska Kyrkan


Arendal - Clarion Hotel Tyholmen - Østre Agder Krisesenter
Bergen Airport - Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport - God Jul Lille Venn
Bergen Airport - Comfort Hotel Bergen Airport - Ytre Arna asylmottak hero
Bergen - Clarion Hotel Admiral - "Ferie for alle" organised by Red Cross in Hordaland
Bergen - Clarion Collection Hotel Havnekontoret - Robin Hoodhuset øremerkte barn
Bergen - Comfort Hotel Holberg - Strax-huset in Bergen
Bergen - Hotel No 13 - Aleneforeldreforeningen Bergen
Bergen - Quality Hotel Edvard Grieg - Hjelp til å hjelpe Os & omegn
Bodø - Clarion Collection Hotel Grand Bodø - Kirkens Bymisjon Bodø
Drammen - Clarion Collection Hotel Tollboden - Kirkens Bymisjon and Betzy Krisesenter
Drammen - Comfort Hotel Union Brygge - Kirkens Bymisjon Drammen and Save the Children Lithuania
Eidfjord - Quality Hotel Vøringfoss - Frelsearmeen
Florø - Quality Hotel Florø - Krisesenteret i Sogn og Fjordane
Fornebu - Quality Hotel Expo - Blue Cross 
Fredrikstad - Quality Hotel Fredrikstad - Barnas Stasjon and Hjelp oss å hjelpe
Gardermoen - Clarion Hotel & Congress Oslo Airport - Hjelp oss å hjelpe Akershus
Gardemoen - Quality Airport Hotel Gardemoen - Omsorg Jessheim
Gjøvik - Clarion Collection Hotel Grand, Gjøvik - Gjøvik krisesenter
Gjøvik - Quality Hotel Strand - Gatebarnas far in Gjøvik
Hamar - Clarion Collection Hotel Astoria - Barnas Stasjon Hamar
Harstad - Clarion Collection Hotel Arcticus - The Salvation Army
Haugesund - Clarion Collection Hotel Amanda - Hjerte for Mennesker (Astri Pedersen)
Holmsbu - Holmsbu Hotel & Spa -
Kolbotn - Quality Hotel Entry - Fattighuset i Oslo
Kongsberg - Quality Hotel Grand Kongsberg - Kongsberg Krisesenter
Kristiansand - Clarion Hotel Ernst - Blue Cross, Omsorg for alle
Kristiansand - Comfort Hotel Kristiansand - Hjelp oss å hjelpe Vest-Agder
Kristiansund - Quality Hotel Grand, Kristiansund - Gode verdier Kristiansund
Langesund - Quality Hotel Skjærgården - Omvendt Julenisse
Larvik - Farris Bad - Red Cross
Leangkollen - Quality Hotel Leangkollen - Home Start Familiekontakten i Aker and Stiftelsen Sykehusbarn
Lillehammer - Clarion Collection Hotel Hammer - The Salvation Army in Lillehammer
Mo i Rana - Clarion Collection Hotel Helma - Hearts of Hope in Mo i Rana
Molde - Quality Hotel Alexandra - Hjelpegruppen for Romsdal
Norefjell - Norefjell Ski og Spa - Krisesenteret in Hønefoss
Oslo - Clarion Collection Hotel Bastion - Kirkens Bymisjon
Oslo - Clarion Collection Hotel Folketeateret - Fattighuset
Oslo - Clarion Collection Hotel Gabelshus - Children and Youth Center at Holmlia
Oslo - Clarion Collection Hotel Savoy - Fattighuset
Oslo - Comfort Hotel Xpress Central Station - Blue Cross
Oslo - Hotel Christiania Teater - Landsforeningen for voldsofre
Oslo - Quality Hotel 33 - Stiftelsen Sykehusbarn
Sandefjord - Clarion Collection Hotel Atlantic - Hjelp oss å hjelpe Vestfold, The Salvation Army
Sandnes - Quality Hotel Pond - Hjelp oss å hjelpe Rogaland
Sandnes - Quality Hotel Residence - Vanskligstilte i Sandnes
Sarpsborg - Quality Hotel Sarpsborg - Sammen for Østfold
Skien - Clarion Collection Hotel Bryggeparken - Omvendt Julenisse
Skjetten - Quality Hotel Olavsgaard - Hjelpende Hender
Sogndal - Quality Hotel Sogndal - Foreningen Jul for Alle v/ Renate Aralden Håvåg
Sola - Clarion Hotel Air - Kirkens Bymisjon
Sola - Quality Airport Hotel Stavanger - Stiftelsen Sykehusbarn and Stiftelsen Sykehusbarns Julgaveaksjon
Son - Son Spa - Hjelp oss å hjelpe Østfold
Stavanger - Clarion Collection Hotel Skagen Brygge - Stiftelsen Sykehusbarn
Stavanger - Clarion Hotel Energy - Kirkens Bymisjon Stavanger
Stavanger - Clarion Hotel Stavanger - Kirkens Bymisjon i Stavanger
Stavanger - Comfort Hotel Stavanger - Stiftelsen Sykehusbarn and Stiftelsen Sykehusbarns Julgaveaksjon
Steinkjer - Quality Hotel Grand Steinkjer - Red Cross
Stjørdal - Quality Airport Hotel Værnes - Red Cross in Stjørdal
Tromsø - Clarion Hotel The Edge - Kirkens Bymisjon i Tromsø
Tromsø - Quality Hotel Saga - Kirkens Bymisjon i Tromsø
Trondheim - Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim - Hjelp meg å hjelpe i Trøndelag
Trondheim - Comfort Hotel Park - The Salvation Army inTrondheim
- Comfort Hotel Trondheim - Kirkens Bymisjon
Trondheim - Quality Hotel Augustin - The Salvation Army in Trondheim
Trondheim - Quality Hotel Panorama, Trondheim - Te & Tøy
Tønsberg - Quality Hotel Tønsberg - Barnevernet, Red Cross, Bymisjonen, Crisis Center, Incestsenteret and the Salvation Army
Ulsteinvik - Quality Hotel Ulstein - Ulstein Frivilligcentral and Ulstein Flyktingkontor 
Ålesund - Quality Hotel Waterfront - Red Cross
Ålesund - Quality Hotel Ålesund - Red Cross


Copenhagen Airport - Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport - Eventyr Jul
Copenhagen Airport - Quality Airport Hotel Dan - Eventyr Jul
Copenhagen - SKT. PETRI - UNICEF
Copenhagen - Comfort Hotel Vesterbro - Eventyr Jul
Taastrup - Quality Hotel Høje Taastrup - Eventyr Jul


Helsinki Airport - Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport - Hope - Yhdessä & Yhteisesti ry
Helsinki - Clarion Hotel Helsinki - Hope - Yhdessä & Yhteisesti ry


Riga - Clarion Collection Hotel Valdemars - Hope for Children

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