With the world’s most livable city in the world’s happiest country, there’s no reason not to set your sights on traveling in Denmark in the near future. Although for some, being livable and happy might not be the determining factors for choosing your next vacation destination. So we came up with another six reasons why traveling to Denmark would be a really good idea.

Reason #6: Middle of Europe (sort of)

Belgium might be home to the European Commission but Denmark is pretty much located in the middle of Europe sandwiched between the Northern and Central regions; and has all the advantages that comes with it. You can easily travel to Sweden or Germany which borders Denmark. There’s even a bridge that connects Copenhagen to Malmö, Sweden so you can access it easily by car or train.

Reason #5: Freetown Christiania

This is definitely worth a visit if you like a different kind of experience. Christiania is an old military area in the Christianshavn district in Copenhagen, that spawned from the idea that the city should be free to live in peace, without care to taxes and the laws of society. Today, it is a residential neighbourhood with approximately 1000 inhabitants and maintains a unique status with special law. Everyone is welcome to visit Christiania and enjoy their humble selection of cafes, restaurants and bars with colourful embellishments – but we warn you, follow the do’s and don’ts (no cameras especially) on the signs at the entrances. It’s still a controversial area with few police interaction and simple rules to follow.


Photo by Kim Wyon. Source/Property of: VisitDenmark.dk

Reason #4: Danish food

Since the induction of the New Nordic manifesto by local chefs, Denmark has made a name for itself in the food industry all over the world. Here you’ll find the best restaurant in the world, Noma, as well as a lot of other really great (and awarded) restaurants. The most important culinary emphasis is on using local, seasonal, organic and sustainable ingredients. Maintaining a healthy diet is also a big focus of the Danish government, so it’s no surprise their food culture reflects the same. So, if you are up for some culinary experiences from the happiest country in the world, check out our guide on the best alternatives to Noma in Copenhagen.


Photo Source: Restaurant Radio

Reason #3: Danish pastries

While New Nordic cuisine makes the Danes proud, there is no denying that making delicious Danish pastries are a national pride and joy. Every family has a secret recipe for their favourite morning buns that they enjoy during their hygge time but the Wienerbröd has to be the favourite pastry for the Danes. What many might not know is that it was a Viennese chef who first started making them in Denmark in 1840. Ever since, they’ve been a local delicacy along with cinnamon buns and tea biscuits.

Reason #2: Awesome Beer

Danes love their beer and with super beer brand giant like Carlsberg originating from Denmark, there is no avoiding the beverage. They drink it so often, you can almost call it their national beverage. In fact, the beer is so popular it even has its own day in the city of Odense – Danish Beer Day that takes place the first Saturday in September. So, whether you’re looking for a quick pint (head to a local bodega) or a fancy craft beer, there are many fantastic bars all around in Denmark that serve different sorts of the liquid gold. Local tip? Pay a visit to Mikkeller & Friends where they offer both their own and other top quality beer selections from other microbreweries in the area.


Source: Mikkeller & Friends

Reason #1: Hygge

Last but not least, travel to Denmark to experience the national phenomenon called Hygge (pronounced hu-gee). While there is no direct translation for the word, the best way to describe it is a sense of coziness that comes to life when with friends, family and good food – to enjoy the goodness that life has to offer. Make your own hygge! Create an atmosphere that’s nice, warm and comfortable. Activities can vary from outdoor to indoor, food to drinks and free to expensive. The most important part is that you’re surrounded by the people you love and care about. This is probably one of the main reasons that Danes are considered to be the happiest people in the world.


Photo by Michael Damsgaard. Property of VisitAalborg. Source. VisitDenmark.dk

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