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Leave your cleaning in the cupboard – celebrate New Year’s Eve at a hotel in Oslo instead

Publicerad 19 December 2018 | Senast uppdaterad 18 November 2019

What do you want for Christmas? Here is a suggestion for one thing you may have forgotten to put on your list: a well-deserved break after all the Christmas cooking, Christmas cleaning and Christmas decorations! Avoid all that responsibility and check into the hotel in the capital instead!

fireworks new years eve silhouettes

Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve - the year's most awesome party! Do not start the first day of the New Year by waking up to empty bottles and leftovers. Wake up in a delicious, soft hotel bed instead. Which hotel would you choose?

Give yourself a romantic view of the fireworks from THE THIEF

If there is an evening that really deserves golden trimmings, this is it. Bring your loved one to THE THIEF to celebrate what has been and what is to come. Why not check in while it is still light out and start your celebration in the spa? Afterwards you can go up to your room and put on your Sunday best. In the THIEF FOODBAR restaurant a five-course New Year’s menu awaits you.

facade-the-thiefBe greeted by this when you return from watching the fireworks

With the hotel's romantic location on Tjuvholmen, right by the water, you only have to put on some warm clothes and step outside when the clock approaches midnight. Fireworks are launched from Tjuvholmen and from a raft below the City Hall, so take a romantic walk along Aker Brygge and see the sky lit up by colours, hope and expectations for 2019.

Book a room at THE THIEF here.

Bring your family along with you to Comfort Hotel® Grand Central

Check in at a hotel and let yourself forget about your household responsibilities. The adults deserve a break from cooking and dishwashing, and should have time to de-stress and be with the family. Take the train, tram or bus to Østbanehallen at Oslo S, and check in at Comfort Hotel® Grand Central. The hotel has a modern New York style design. Cool for kids and relaxing for parents.

room-bed-comfort-hotel-grand-centralPut on your Sunday best and take cool pictures for the family album with your stylish room as a background

When you stay here, everything is within easy reach. Go out in the evening and find a restaurant that serves the food you want. If you are near the hotel when it is almost new year, you can race to the opera roof. There you can see the fireworks mirrored in the water right in front of you.

Read more about Comfort Hotel® Grand Central here.

Forget about clearing up the next day - bring your friends to Comfort Hotel® Xpress Youngstorget instead

You don't want to let a friend wake up on January 1st to a house full of empty bottles and red wine stains. The design hotel Comfort Hotel® Xpress Youngstorget is the perfect place for the "best girls in the world gang", "guys’ get-together” and groups of friends in general. Check in at 3 pm and take a nap in the plush hotel bed to recharge for the evening party. (For a small extra charge you can also have a nice lie-in the day after and check out later!).

lobby-check-in-comfort-hotel-xpress-youngstorget2Who’s getting the first round in?

After a having a doze, you can buy something to drink from the hotel's Barception and go downstairs below the lobby, where you can play darts and table tennis, or just hang out and wait until you want to go out to eat. Located right by Youngstorget, the hotel is surrounded by restaurants, bars and clubs, so you will save on taxi fare. Good for your wallet and good for the environment. Have fun!

Book a room at Comfort Hotel® Xpress Youngstorget here.

Happy New Year!

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