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Hotel luxury every day – now you can subscribe to hotel services

A while ago we asked the question: how can we create hotel magic for our guests every day? Even the days they are not staying at our hotels? That's when the first ideas were hatched, which in the end became the project "The Hotel Feeling". Read about the test pilot currently running in Stockholm and how you will soon be able to feel checked in every day!

Hotel feeling - Swedish

Imagine crawling into freshly ironed white sheets in a warm and cosy room where everything is just the way you like it. To step into a shiny clean bathroom with perfectly folded white towels on the edge of the tub. Imagine, after your shower, using exclusive and fragrant products, putting on a soft bathrobe with the knowledge that a filling and delicious breakfast buffet awaits you. Can you feel it? The amazing hotel feeling?

Now imagine that this is your normal weekday. Without having to lift a single finger. Feels good, right? Good, because this could soon be your reality.

Test pilot in Stockholm

Right now we are trying out a service where our Nordic Choice Club members, living on Kungsholmen in Stockholm, have a subscription of hotel services in their home. They can get everything from housekeeping to fluffy duvets and pillows, luxury bathroom products and hotel breakfasts at hotels nearby. The hotel experiences that are not possible to have in your home are instead available on site. Breakfast vouchers, access to the gym and discounts on restaurant visits will also be part of certain packages.

It is clear that those who have tested the service like the concept.

  • ”This is a service we have long been looking for and we love it! Getting that nice hotel feeling at home is fantastic, and we see so many future opportunities with the service”, says member Andrea Dorg..


The services currently being tested on Kungsholmen with Clarion Hotel Amaranten as a hub have been extremely popular:

  • “We have been careful about not advertising this since it is only a test period but it is clear that the cat has already left the bag. The places we could offer in the beginning were filled quickly and the queue is now long. It has been a success from day one and I hope we will be able to offer it on a larger scale soon”, says Ulf Cato, Clarion Hotel Amaranten's CEO.

The idea is to be able to extend the services for food and clothing deliveries, washing, ironing and more. All with the purpose of making things easier for our Nordic Choice Club members, giving them additional benefits and of course being able to offer our guests the opportunity to bring the luxurious Hotel Feeling to their home. The project also has a clear ambition to help reduce climate change:

  • “This is of course incredibly nice for our guests, who get a more luxurious and comfortable everyday life at a price everyone can afford, but we also see that this will help people to live a more sustainable life. Through coordinated transport, conscientious suppliers of food and products, and offering food from the hotel's restaurants, we reduce not only emissions but also food waste. The guests can sleep well and with a good conscience”, says Christian Lundén__ director of Future Business at Nordic Choice Hotels.

Welcome home - Hotell feeling

How does it work?

Those who are part of the test pilot can order services through an app. The app is specially developed for this very purpose and has been created by the start-up company L2GO. After the test pilot, the project will be evaluated to see if it is something that can be rolled out to more guests and members in the future!

For more information contact:

Christian Lundén, Director of Future Business, +46 70 666 82 92

Ulf Cato, CEO Clarion Hotel Amaranten, +46 76 724 56 80