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Hotel + events = Packtivity

Congratulations! Now you can save time by ordering customised package solutions directly from us. Hear about your new booking experience.

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Forget new passwords, new usernames, new login details, entering your card information yet another place, finding the reference number of the concert ticket, finding the hotel confirmation, and so on...

Now you get everything in one place: Packtivity.

“Thanks to our collaboration with Nordic Travel and Visit Group, our guests and members can now find and book the entire travel experience through our website,” says Lisa Farrar, Chief Digital Officer of Nordic Choice Hotels.


What is a Packtivity?

Packtivity means that you can book both hotel rooms and experiences all in the same place – You can choose from a variety of destinations in the Nordic countries, such as Oslo, Tromsø, Stockholm and Copenhagen, and activities such as Northern Lights safaris, spas, hiking to the Pulpit Rock, golf, dinner shows and many other experiences.

Fun fact: the name "Packtivity" came from one of our followers on Facebook!

Where do you want to go next and what do you want to experience? Browse the packages here!


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